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10 Live Video Streaming Tips You Can’t Avoid to Miss

Delivering a powerful and engaging live stream show to your audience can be exactly what your brand needs–IF you do it right. But there are no do-overs when live streaming! If you want to win with live video streaming, tips like being over-prepared, ready to multitask like Mary Poppins, and most importantly, willing to roll with the punches and adapt to what you’re doing as you go is VITAL. Some of the best live video streaming tips focus not on what you can do in advance to prepare, but on how you can adjust in the heat of the moment, to make it “appear” as if everything that is said or done on the live stream was meant to happen!

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The more you live stream, the better you will find yourself getting at delivering the captivating and engaging experiences that you fans crave.

Whether you’re brand new to live streaming, or this is something your brand has been doing for a while now, the following tips on live streaming video are meant to help you and your brand improve even the slightest and come to enjoy live streaming more and more.

Besides all that…you can’t avoid to miss these 10 live video streaming tips!

1. You Can Never Have TOO Much Backup Equipment!

Some say, if you have two, you have one and if you have one, you have none. Why? Because when it comes to live streaming, having backup equipment is an absolute must.

For various reasons, equipment will fail–and, if you don’t have backup, failed equipment leads to a failed live stream! Rather than disrupt your fan community, do what you can to have backup equipment including computers, cords, cameras, audio cables, and connectors — just to be safe!

2. Newer Isn’t Always Better

One of the best live video streaming tips we can provide is to recognize that newer isn’t always better. A new piece of equipment doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good piece of equipment.

Always check the specifications and, if you’re working with a live streaming production crew, make sure you have a strong understanding of their equipment and ability to produce top quality streams without fail.

3. Test Everything and then Re-Test

Much like you cannot be too prepared, you can never test to much! Test the stream to make sure you have a great connection. Test that the stream is feeding to the backup account. Test the audio. Test everything early on, make any adjustments you need, and test again. This way you can minimize any potential risk of failure during the live stream.

4. Work with the Camera Operators, Define Your Must-Have Shots

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Camera operators for your live stream cannot be expected to read your mind and know exactly what you want! Work with your camera operators so that they are aware of exactly what you want.

Provide a shot list or basic outline of the shots that are vital to the stream. Include more than one camera stream when possible and make sure that the camera operator is aware of what their feed looks like on a monitor.

5. Prepare a Checklist for Every Step of the Live Stream Video

Having checklists will help you to stay focused, prepared and on the path to a successful live stream event. Your camera crew will have a setup checklist and a breakdown checklist that they follow.

You too should have checklists for your rehearsals, the show itself, and distribution of the live stream. Having a checklist allows you to remain clear and focused even when the live video process is active and busy.

6. Did We Mention, Preparation is Key?

Not only do those who are filming the live stream need to be prepared, so do the actors or talent that are involved in your live stream event.

You can reduce the stress of speakers and anyone else that will be part of your live stream by rehearsing and allowing them time to prepare in advance of the live stream. Preparation is key!

7. Add Graphics and Lower Thirds Text to Increase Effectiveness

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Not all live video streaming tips are focused on preparation, some must focus on how you deliver the content to your audience. The addition of graphics and the use of lower thirds text throughout your live video stream represents one of many ways that you can produce more effective live streams.

Consider sharing things like the Speaker’s name or credentials in lower-third graphics. You can include all sorts of text notes, graphics, and similar supporting content in this way so that your audience can make the most out of the information your live stream video delivers.

8. Incorporate Graphics Throughout the Live Stream

A professional live stream video production crew can help you utilize graphics and interactive features throughout your live stream video so that your audience will remain engaged and actively involved in the production.

Also interact with the audience via chat, broadcasting before and after the live stream, and via your social media channels to build stronger relationships with your audience.

9. Two Hosts are Better than One

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Live streaming with one host is okay, live streaming with two or more hosts is almost always better! Having two hosts or a guest host allows for added insight and a fresh perspective that your audience will appreciate.

Likewise, high profile guests, and influencers, are likely to cross promote your live stream which means there is a good chance some of their audience will check out your stream–a great source of free promotion!

10. Be Creative & Just Keep Streaming

While many live video streaming tips focus on the technical aspects of live streaming, this one focuses more on the importance of generating creative topics that will pique the interest of your audience and continued practice to ensure the best live streams.

As you interact with your audience via live stream and get to know more about what they want and what topics they are most likely to resonate with you’ll begin to find yourself planning more and more live streams. And, with practice comes perfection, so there’s nothing more to do than — just keep streaming!

Ready to start live streaming video content for your fans and followers? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today at 888-462-7808! We’ll help you initiate a live stream video plan that’s ideal for your audience and your brand. Our professional live stream video production crew can’t wait to help you start streaming content to your most loyal fans!