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Video Production for Tax Preparation Services in Durham

Are you researching your options for professional Video Production for Tax Preparation Services in Durham? Economic conditions are good and stable, and stable economies typically mean stability in the tax preparation services industry as more people are employed and in need of tax prep services. Rising disposable per capita income tends to result in more need for professional tax preparation, but this $12 billion dollar industry can still benefit greatly from professional marketing and advertising efforts. Tax Marketing and Training Videos in Durham is one marketing tool that helps with economic growth for nationwide tax preparation brands especially as they compete with new digital tax preparation solutions.

Some of the larger brands in the tax preparation services industry understand that video marketing can draw more audience awareness and higher revenue, but anyone in this competitive industry can benefit from professional videos for marketing, advertising, and even training. We also service Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Wake Forest, and Burlington.

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Beverly Boy Productions provides all types of video services for U.S. tax preparers operating across more than 128,550 businesses nationwide. Video services include short promo videos for sharing on social media, marketing videos, interview videos and training videos that improve knowledge retention among professional tax preparation teams. Smart tax preparation businesses know that video drives growth, boosts recognition with the audience, and generates more ROI for the brand.

Promotional Videos for Tax Preparation Services

Promo videos increase brand awareness for tax preparers while building recognition for the products and services offered by the tax preparation services industry. Many business owners choose promo videos to help them increase consumer engagement and understanding, and for building more credibility and trust. This all results in higher conversions and ROI.

Promo videos have changed over the years to reflect a storytelling aspect, rather than just shouting “buy now” to the audience, like old forms of promos did. Today’s promotional videos for tax preparation services discuss industry events, data and other specifics, like product and service descriptions, and they help to build a connection between the business and the consumer that aids in growth.

Using promotional video content can help promote your Durham tax preparation business and educate taxpayers on the 4 different types of tax preparation services:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)– someone trained and licensed to offer accounting services.
⦁ Enrolled Agents (EA)- someone trained in federal tax matters and licensed by the IRS.
⦁ Tax Attorney- an attorney licensed by the state to practice law.
⦁ Non-credentialed Tax Preparers- someone who prepares taxes without credentials from an external organization.

Marketing Videos for Tax Preparation Services

From product videos to the production of emotionally catchy sales videos that drive conversions, various types of Video Production for Tax Preparation Services in Durham exist to provide benefits to tax companies. Marketing videos:

· Help tax preparers rank higher in search engines, which increases business leads.
· Increase consumer awareness of the company on both social media and internet sites.
· Increase consumer understanding of what services or products are offered by the specialist.
· Provide insight into these products and services.
· Improve and increase digital conversions.

Many consumers admit that branded video swayed their decision to make a purchase, and that is why many tax prep services can see a lot of benefit from video marketing. We also service Person County, Granville County, Wake County, and Orange County.

Training Videos for Tax Preparation Services

The tax preparation industry provides a mix of tax preparation services and digital products, which require training for the user to gain maximum benefit from the product or service. Training Video Production for Tax Preparation Services in Durham can be used to train new tax preparers to drive internal growth, and they can train new customers for external growth.

Training videos improve consumers’ understanding of digital products while providing better access to this training than books or manuals, which the average consumer seeking tax preparation products may not be able to readily access. Training videos often:

· Improve knowledge retention by 85% or more.
· Increase the absorption of information, helping those in training learn more and faster.
· Increase the reach of information and create flexibility for how it is delivered.
· Increase productivity without increasing the time or effort needed to train employees.

Video training programs allow tax preparers to offer more insight and better training into products and services, which a company needs to grow and thrive. Large and small tax preparation services companies can use training videos to keep training costs low, while easily and quickly educating their staff.

Interview Videos for Tax Preparation Services

When most people think of interview videos, pre-recorded interviews come to mind, but Beverly Boy Productions make videos that build credibility and create a strong voice for your brand in the tax preparation industry. Professional interview videos increase consumer engagement and build more trust in the brand.


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Expert interviews, paired with customer interviews, help Video Production for Tax Preparation Services in Durham develop an easily recognizable name for your brand, increasing your authority in the field so that you can experience growth in a competitive field. We also service 27503, 27704, 27711, and 27722. This is all just part of the Video Production for Tax Preparation Services in Durham provided by Team Beverly Boy.