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Top Indianapolis video production insights 2024 – Trends On The Rise

There are many video trends that are popping up in 2024 that corporations can use to help them tell their story in a more exciting way and reach more viewers than ever before. Last year, roughly 61% of companies used corporate videos to help market their companies. This year that number is now well over 80%, which means that working with a Top Indianapolis video production company to create a solid video campaign is an investment that your company cannot afford to pass up. When you are thinking about the Indianapolis video production agency you want to hire, keep in mind some of the following trends to determine if that company is able to use them to help you help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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Making Your Video Production Personal

A full-service Indianapolis video production company can assist you with creating video content that is personalized to your consumers, which helps you bring in one of the biggest trends this year, customized and personalized video. The easiest way to do this is to embed film directly to your website or to have an application that is tailored for your company. Your consumers will go to the app or website and enter in their personal data.

Then, the video takes that data and tailors the video production to the consumer so they feel as if it has been created specifically for them. If you feel like this is something that your business can benefit from, hiring a video producer that understands website video production is key to making this work.

Building a Story line Using a Video Production Studio

In the last few years, there has been a change from longer films to shorter ones that tell a story and build a campaign through a story line, rather than just telling a story in one single go. This may seem more costly, but it can actually save you money when you go to share the film, because these films can be shared on multiple platforms at one time. Working with Indianapolis video marketing companies in 2024, no matter if you operate a business in Marion County, or an advertising agency in Lockerbie Square in Downtown, is going to help you get the results you want. Choosing a company that works in digital marketing in Central Indiana will help you easily get your film to your consumers. Of course, to create the short films, you will want to hire a video production studio and not just a video company. A full service video production studio will help you stay organized and help the films flow as they lay out your story for your audience.

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Look For Hybrid Video Production Services in Indianapolis

Today, it isn’t just enough to engage your customers, but you also need to give them entertainment that really stands out to them. If you haven’t tried it yet, hybrid Video Production Services are a great hit. Hybrid video production combines live streaming and video to create something new.

When you hire a Top Indianapolis video production company, make sure they know streaming and webcasting, but also make sure you’re Indianapolis production house can do video elements within the live stream. These can include a call to action chyron or lower third that is inserted into the stream or you can do webcast streaming that has a lower third graphic inset into it that create a call to action to send customers to a website or call the number for more information. Either way, these combine two different modes of film to create something that gets information and entertainment to your customer.

Choose Film Production Companies That Produce Micro-Films

Bigger isn’t always better, and that is something that people are starting to learn. Today’s consumer knows that they can get what they need in a smaller amount of time, and that is why many of them are turning to microfilms. If your corporation wants to do a microfilm, hiring an Indianapolis Film Production Company that specializes in short films, lasting 30 seconds or less, is the right move for you.

Film production companies in Indianapolis that are creating these films for social media sites is a bonus, because most consumers get news and entertainment from social media these days, and it is easy to share these short videos on social media. When you work with a creative agency that understands the value of both microfilm and social media, they can assist you in creating a video marketing campaign that will set your company apart in 2024.

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Hire an Indianapolis Production Company That Knows Live Video

One of the newest trends that has become really popular within the past few years is one that you will know well, live videos. Now, cutting-edge companies are starting to use live video to stay ahead of the game in 2024, but doing a live video by yourself from a mobile device is not always going to work. This is why you should hire an Indianapolis production company that knows live video. The production company will set up a live stream for you so that you can interview a member of your staff, you can be interviewed by a reporter, or you can simply host a discussion among staff members, consumers, and more.

The idea is to get information out to your consumers that they will both enjoy and find useful. Consumers really gravitate towards these types of videos because it allows them to get a glimpse of you, as a person, and not so much as a product or service that you sell. When you use a Top Indianapolis video production company to help you create a live video, choose one that is nearby, because doing these interviews is something that you will want to do in order to keep your consumer base entertained.

Hire a Indianapolis Video Production Agency That Gets Blogging

Think of an Indianapolis video production agency and the services they handle. Did you think of blogging? Chances are, you didn’t, but some of the top production companies in Indianapolis are doing just that, and they are creating short films to go with those blogs. A good video production agency will be able to help you not only create the films that you want to see, but also placing within a Blog so that your consumers can get something that they enjoy, which is entertainment and information. Studies have shown that companies who have blogs have a stronger, more loyal following because consumers like to read about companies, regularly, to feel as if they are getting to know you. But, as we said before, consumers also like to be entertained, and quickly, so combining video and blogging seems like a no-brainer.

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When you are choosing the top Indianapolis video production company that you are going to hire to help you create a trendy corporate video campaign, you will need to do more than search for “production companies near me.” You are going to really want to do your homework to make sure that the company you are hiring understands corporate videos, and understands the trends that are going to be changing the face of corporate video. Beverly Boy Productions knows what’s coming down the line as far as trends in film, and we know corporate videos. We also know how to mix the two so that you get services that are cutting edge.

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