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Top 10 Draws to Hiring Video Production Services in Chicago

Chicago has such a vibrant mix of culture and food, there’s no question about whether this is a great city or not! There are many draws to hiring video production services in Chicago including a mix of culture, a divine art scene, and some of the best food in the country.

Video Production Jobs in Chicago

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The architecture and food are certainly some of the most attractive reasons for filmmakers to visit the city.

We’ve listed several top draws to Chicago here:

1. Chicago-style Hot Dogs

No ketchup allowed! According to locals, a hot dog is never to be topped with ketchup in Chicago! You top a dog with yellow mustard, green relish and chopped onion as well as maybe a tomato wedge.

You can even put peppers or pickles on top of the dog. But you will not include ketchup!

2. City Skyline

Chicago’s skyline is certainly one of the greatest draws to hiring video production services in Chicago. There are several architectural delights in the distance of the city when you capture the skyline. It’s impressive and certainly something amazing for the camera.

3. The Wrigley Building 

Actually several buildings are amazing to capture while you’re filming in Chicago. The Wrigley Building features an amazing skyscraper view that is located near the North Side. The building was built in 1924 and continues to draw the eyes from anyone coming into the city.

4. Skydeck Chicago

The Ledge at Skydeck Chicago provides some of the most impeccable panoramic views of the city amidst the 103 stories of amazing architecture. Check out the 360° view from the TILT Experience which was formerly known as the John Hancock Observatory.

5. Mega Parks

The city has some of the most impressive Mega Parks and green spaces in the area. Visit Millennium Park, Grant Park and Maggie Daley Park while you’re in the city. Each has their own benefits and advantages. The 606 features more than 2 miles of trails that run above Chicago. 

6. 150 Museums

There are more museums in Chicago than almost any other city in the United States. For the creative type, there’s a museum for every taste.

Consider one of the more than 150 art museums, galleries, and exhibition sites in the city while the video production services in Chicago that you’re working with are taking place.

7. Award-Winning Theaters

There’s 5 of them to be exact in the city. All 5 have won the Tony Award including the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, the Lookingglass Theatre Company, the Victory Gardens Theater, the Goodman Theatre and the Steppenwolf Theater Company.

It’s a dream visit for anyone with a passion for the performing arts!

8. Green City Market

For the most impeccable goodies and treats that Chicago has to offer, visit the Green City Market. Located in Lincoln Park on the North Side, the market is held throughout the summer every Saturday and Wednesday.

Enjoy a bite to eat and bring home some fresh produce, flowers, and other goods from the market.

9. Shoreline Views

Many don’t think of Chicago as a beach town, but there are 26 miles of shoreline in the city and 15 swimming beaches. A great place in the summer months for pristine clips of the water and the city skyline in the distance, the beaches attract a variety of visitors.

10. The Loop

This is where the majority of the video production services in Chicago are going to take you. The Loop represents most of the businesses in the city and attracts visitors from all around the world.

If you’re not familiar with the Loop, simply walk across from nearby Michigan Avenue for a visit. It’s worth the trip.