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9 Benefits of Using the Miami Film Commission as a Top Resource

The Miami Film Office, sometimes referred to as the Miami Film Commission, is a resource for filmmakers and those in various fields of the entertainment industry.

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Offering support for a variety of programs and processes related to filmmaking and the arts, the commission serves to provide ease of access to permitting and government liaison services to filmmakers in Florida.

In fact, the Miami Film Commission provides many resources and benefits to filmmakers that enter the Miami film scene.

Check out a few of them here:

1. Easy Permitting

For film permits in Miami, the Miami Film Office provides easy access online. Simply follow the 4 step process provided on their website to gain access to film permits for shooting throughout the city. 

Keep in mind that permits are required for shoots on public property and in many private areas of the city, too.

2. Liaison Services 

Offering support and acting as the liaison between filmmakers and the Miami government officials as well as those involved in Fire Rescue and the Miami PD, the Film Commission is a top resource for filmmakers that require the support of these officials.

They’ll help you with organized communication between these top officials.

3. Safety

The Miami Film Commission will help with the securing of proper safety solutions including things like closing city streets, setting up event sites or maps, and adjusting staff coverage to ensure that police and other service members are on site for film shoots or other needs as they arise.

4. Location Scouting

Need help finding the perfect place for a film shoot in Miami? The Miami Film Commission features a digital location directory that provides filmmakers and entertainment professionals easy access to an array of data and details on the many different venues in the city.

Check out this resource to find and secure the location for your next shoot.

5. Crew Search

Need more crew members for a scheduled film shoot in Miami? The Film Commission website is a great resource for finding camera crew and other set workers for your production.

Consult the commission for details on area contractors that are ready to work.

6. Incentives

Many incentives are available to filmmakers that choose Florida, or Miami-Dade County specifically, for their filmmaking needs.

Check with the film commission for the latest film incentives in Miami. Here you will find details on eligibility, incentives, and tax breaks related to filmmaking.

7. Film Festival Updates

Want to learn more about area film festivals that are taking place or scheduled to take place in Miami?

Visit the Miami Film Commission for details on the area film festivals as well as individual information about entering your work into the area festivals taking place

8. Relocation Information

Considering relocating your filmmaking business to the city of Miami? Contact the Miami Film Commission and the Miami-Dade County local incentives data for information on relocating your business to the city and the benefits that will come with this decision.

The Film Commission will assist you in various steps related to establishing your film business in Miami-Dade County.

9. Lodging

Filmmaking in Miami may bring you and your crew to Florida for several weeks or event months depending on the length and complexity of the projects you’re completing.

For help with lodging and short-term rentals or longer-term housing in Miami and surrounding areas, the Miami Film Commission is a top resource guide. Contact the commission for details on the various rentals available to filmmakers in the area.