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What is a Vignette in Film?

The use of various visual techniques in filmmaking can add interest. And greatly alter the impact that your images have on your audience. Vignettes may be used by the DP for a variety of purposes and to achieve different looks. But what is a vignette in film and how is it achieved? As we look at the use of compositional elements in film and how they can impact the visual interest for your audience, it makes most sense to address vignettes.

Vignettes are used in the post-production process. To create a gradual darkening around the images that are at the edges of the frame.

The effect is used to add visual interest while also closing in the rectangularity of the motion picture frame. Such that there is a greater interest in the center -part of the image on the screen. 

What is a Vignette in Film?

A vignette represents the darkening of images around the outer edge of the frame. Such that a subtle appearance of darkening appears to provide visual interest for the audience.

Vignettes are used in filmmaking for a variety of purposes. And often come into play when the use of masks in post-production would provide too much of a defining hard line effect. 

Types of Vignettes in Film

Different types of vignettes in film are used to achieve different results. For example, the filter vignette represents the use of a circular or non-circular vignette. In which a subtle darkening around the edges of the frame occurs.

You might recall seeing a vignette like this used to add neutral density to outdoor shots. So that areas of the frame do not appear overexposed. 

The subtle darkening to the shot will help to guide the focus of the audience more to the center of the screen while not providing an overly dark element that might take away from the natural outdoor view of the  scene.

These are frequently used in the sky. To create a subtle darkness that would appear like moments after the sun had set.


Grad filters are sometimes used in post-production to create the physical filter vignette. We see these incorporated into the bottom of a frame. As well as at various angles depending on the needs of the existing image.

Again, the vignette effect will reduce the exposure so that areas of the frame do not appear overexposed.

So what is a vignette in film? A vignette is a digital effect or in-camera technique. Used to add a stylish, memorable effect that softens hard edges of the frame.

It draws a clear focus of your shot, and creates visual interest in the composition. Depending on how the vignette is used, the results can be incredibly powerful.