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What is a Segment in Film?

Oftentimes, scene segmentation is used to break down a movie into scenes. In other cases, a film segment may be commonly formatted as an episode for a television or a segmentation. But what is a segment in film? And how is a film segment produced? Segmentation involves creating a detailed outline of a story. By breaking it down into significant parts or segments. Let’s take a look at how segmentation works and what a segment in film involves.


A segment in film is a breakdown of the narrative into segmentation by a particular element. Such as a sequence, scene, or shot. More commonly referred to as segmentation.

Most of the time a segment is broken down according to chronological order. Based on the order in which each element appears in the film.

When breaking down film segments, the individual analyzing the film chooses to break the segments down either by sequence, scene or shot. Scene segmentation and classification for a narrative film. Then annotates the film based on the elements defined.

The film segmentation will review each narrative unit as it occurs. At a particular point in the setting. As well as the number of scenes or shots that are related.


Moreover, to help you understand how segments work or how segmentation works in film, it’s important for you to know the difference between a sequence, scene, and shot.


  • A sequence refers to a single narrative unit that occurs at a particular time and setting in the story. It may be composed of various interrelated scenes.
  • A scene refers to the various shots that happen within a singular narrative flow.
  • A shot refers to a single footage in a scene and represents a film’s basic unit.


Together, shots make up scenes, and scenes make up sequences which can be segmented to make up the structure of a film.

Segmentation generally divides the story into a series of sequences that together, make up the progression of the plot of the story which drives the visual elements forward. Generally, a movie is made up of many sequences that are composed as a group to provide the finished narrative.

Furthermore, segmentation breaks the story down by beginning, middle and end focusing on a per sequence, or per scene breakdown. Thus, when someone asks, “What is a segment in film?”

The simplest answer is that a segment represents the breakdown of a sequence, scene, or shot makeup that falls with a movie to represent a building block of the story.