What is a Schlock Film

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What is a Schlock Film?

Filmmaking has certainly got a way of producing various terms and terminology over the years. In fact, ask any filmmaker, “What is a Schlock film?” And you’ll almost certainly come up with a different answer from each one. Not that the answers will be so distinctly different that they don’t appear to be connected in any capacity. But that the answers will vary enough to cause some wonder. There are in fact many terms like this in the industry, with various meanings. Which makes it challenging for a newbie to figure it all out. 

So, what is a schlock film? When a film is “schlocky” what does that even mean? We’ve set out to help you understand exactly what is meant by a schlock film or a film that is considered schlocky.

What is a Schlock Film?

A Schlock film is the term given to a film that represents a low-budget horror flick. With overly-sensational plots, lurid special effects, and perhaps a bit of immature, albeit comedic, gag style underbelly.

Schlock films represent a sort of genre. Although not specifically the most well-defined genre, there are key elements of these films that can be classified together.

Basically, schlock films are horror films. Generally produced on a low budget, and are full of gags or comedy. Think of micro-budget, monster movies that mix a bit of satire and irrelevant humor into the halfhearted plot.

The Schlock film is outrageous, yet in some way amazing to those who seek this kind of off the wall, sensationalized plot.

What Does it Mean When a Film is Schlocky?

A “Schlocky” film is the term used for schlock films that have these characteristics of basically suffering a logical disconnect from what would be expected from a “great” film.

They are generally immature, and nonsensical. However, a schlocky film is one that is not necessarily bad, but that is objectively stupid but that you get pleasure from watching none the less.

Schlock films tend to be less concerned with the importance of strong plots and character consistencies, instead they focus on thematic spectacles and whether the entire story makes sense or not is irrelevant.

Are Schlock Films Bad?

Not necessarily. Schlock films can actually be really fun to watch and some people find them to be interesting. They are often made with good intent and have a lot of creativity backing them.

They just most likely have a shoestring budget, and probably had a level of immaturity that will make their comedic side either completely stupid or amazingly funny. It’s really up to you!

So what is a schlock film? It’s a film that includes silliness and lack of plot structure, usually produced on a small budget and less focused on the elements of prime filmmaking and more focused on the spectacle it can make. 

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