Is it Legal to Film in an AirBnB Without Permission

Is it Legal to Film in an Airbnb Without Permission?

When traveling as a filmmaker, you’re likely to spend time at an Airbnb. Whether it’s for your own stay or for the stay of yourself and your crew. If you’re planning a trip, and your stay will take place at an Airbnb, you might be wondering, “Is it legal to film in an Airbnb without permission?” And, if permission is required, what is the process for obtaining permission to film?

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Airbnb rules vary from location to location, but generally speaking these are privately owned and operated properties which will have their own explicit rules on filmmaking.

You might not need a local city film permit in order to film on private Airbnb property. In fact, you won’t need city permit unless your filming will interrupt the city streets or other property.

But there’s a very good chance that the Airbnb owner will require film permitting or some kind of regulation and rules of their own.

Private Property Filming

Since an Airbnb is considered private property, your filmmaking will be governed by the rules of the property owner. Most Airbnbs do not allow filmmaking on the property without prior written consent.

Many prohibit the use of security cameras, recording devices, or film cameras on the property for any use other than for personal exhibit.

The Legality of It

But, is it legal to film in an Airbnb without permission? An Airbnb might not like for you to film on the property. But whether or not it is legal is questionable.

Typically, property owners have the right to request that you NOT film on the property. And in doing so, they can request that you put the camera away. But they cannot take your equipment!


If you’re caught filming at an Airbnb without permission, you’ll likely be asked to put your equipment away and stop filming.

If you choose to keep filming, you could potentially face legal challenges associated with trespassing as the property owner might ask you to leave if you don’t follow their rules.

Failure at that time to leave would make you technically trespassing which is legally punishable.

Asking Permission to Film

While many Airbnb have rules against filming, many will allow you to film with their consent. Your best bet is to ask the Airbnb owner if you can film while you’re on the property.

Let the owner know that you will not film anyone on the property without their written consent, and that you will not interrupt the regular activities of the property with your filmmaking. 

In Summary

Many Airbnb owners are happy to allow filmmakers to use their creativity on their property. They might ask that you provide credit to their location for the exposure as part of the permission to film, and in doing so, you should be prepared to acknowledge their request. 

Is it legal to film in an Airbnb without permission? Technically, you shouldn’t be filming anyone without their permission, and you shouldn’t film on private property without permission.

While an Airbnb owner may not have rights to take your equipment, they can ask you not to film, and if you don’t follow their rules, they may ask you to leave the property. You become a trespasser if you do not leave at that point, and trespassing is legally punishable. 

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