How to Get Permission to Film in a Restaurant

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How to Get Permission to Film in a Restaurant

If you’re producing a film that requires shots from a restaurant, you’re going to need permission before you get started. As with any film production, seeking permission ahead of time is key! Be it to preventing any mishaps or problems during production. But how? Figuring out how to get permission to film in a restaurant is certainly not as complicated as you might think. With a few steps, you’ll be on your way to legal filming inside the restaurant of your choice.

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Filming in a restaurant is likely to require permitting as well as permission from the restaurant owner. Additionally, if the restaurant will be in use while you’re filming, you’ll need to get permission from everyone inside the restaurant that you film in order to use the footage.

Making sure that you take the time in advance to get permission from anyone involved. Rather than trying to track people down after the fact, is key!

How to Get Permission to Film Inside a Restaurant

The process of filming inside the restaurant is going to require you to get permission from the restaurant owner. Since the restaurant is a private business, the owner will be the one that can grant you permission to film inside, or not.

Keep in mind that some cities may still require you to have permitting in order to film commercially inside the restaurant, especially if you’ll require any added parking outside or special accommodations. Now, if you’re wondering why you need permission when a restaurant is a public place, we understand!

While a restaurant is a public place, and technically U.S. law states that you can legally film in public places without any major hurdles. You wouldn’t want to face the potential repercussions of unhappy diners.

Or even unhappy restaurant owners, that don’t want you filming. Therefore, if you intend to film inside a restaurant, you really should ask the owner for permission.

Ask Permission & Be Clear

Ask the restaurant owner for permission to film in their establishment. Chances are, the restaurant isn’t open during certain hours. And would be willing to allow you and your crew to use the establishment to film during their off hours.

Especially if you’re willing to pay them a fee for the use of their facility.

Just be clear about what you want and what you’re asking. If you’re looking to rent the restaurant facility out for just a few hours, and don’t need diners or anyone else inside the restaurant besides your own crew and actors, let the owner know.

Likewise, if you need their workers to act as they normally would, and you want to film during a regular service that includes diners, you should be clear on this.

Seek Diner Permission Too

Keep in mind. That if you’re going to get permission to film in a restaurant, you should also seek permission from any diners, or workers, that are in the restaurant at the time, too.

Make sure you’ve got your release forms ready and that you capture signed releases from anyone in the establishment that you film.

It’s much easier to capture a 10 second release while you’re with the people. Versus attempting to go back and get releases later on. Overall, learning how to get permission to film in a restaurant really is a simple process.

It just requires you to communicate in advance with the restaurant owner, to be clear about what you want, and to have proper release agreements and location agreements available once the agreement is made. 

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