A Simple Sequence Shot Definition for Filmmakers

A Simple Sequence Shot Definition for Filmmakers

Sequence shooting, or the capturing of a long take is something that many aspiring filmmakers seek early on to achieve. Because it provides a unique aspect of storytelling that no other shot can achieve. Whether you’re filming a documentary, some simple b-roll. Or the opening scene of a feature film. The sequence shot has the power to offer unique insight into your story without words. The sequence shot definition most filmmakers refer to is actually more commonly known as a long take. But what exactly is a sequence shot?

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Sequence Shot Definition

The sequence shot represents a complex, yet incredibly rewarding shot. That captures the action of the scene from multiple camera movements. Or framing elements over a long and encompassing view.

The typical sequence shot is made up of several camera movements and frames. Moreover, it provides a powerful narrative about the importance of the upcoming action of the scene.

Sequence shots are used to build up audience anticipation. To show the elaborateness of a location. And, to create temporal relationships between various elements of a scene before the action plays out.

Long Take

Otherwise known as a long take. The sequence shot definition that most filmmakers follow is that of a cinematic boast of what’s to come in the scene.

The camera remains running for an extended period. Such that an intricate sequence of shots and frames are captured without error and with incredible focus.

The idea of the long take or sequence shot is to capture the entire action of the scene. Such that it provides a useful option for the film editor. To incorporate into the final video under a variety of circumstances and uses.

How Sequence Shots are Used

Furthermore, in filmmaking, the sequence shot or long take can be used for a variety of purposes. They are often used to constrict time and create tension among the audience.

In fact, sequence shots are incredibly powerful when they maintain a single, basic requirement in that they maintain cinematic space both temporally and physically. In this sense, they can be used to make it appear as if events are unfolding in a timeless manner.

Sequence shots are also used to create visual rhythm. The content of a sequence shot that is used in this manner has incredible importance and offers a means of suggesting a theme or idea. 

Filling Space

Finally, as any sequence shot definition provides, the sequence shot might actually be used in a film simply to fill cinematic space. If for nothing else, the sequence shot provides a useful means of offering closeness and intimacy.

In which an action is about to occur and offers a means of a cinematic placeholder for the editor to incorporate into the film.

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