A List of Omniscient Narrator Examples in Film

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A List of Omniscient Narrator Examples in Film

The omniscient narrator, or all-knowing narrator, has been in use for a variety of films and televisions shows over the years. To create depth and deep understanding of characters among the audience. Frequently referred to as the omniscient point of view. The omniscient narrative delivers the point of view of the narrator. Outside of and not reminiscent of any of the actual character’s within the film. Although omniscient narration is not nearly as commonly used as the restricted narration is. You’ll see in this list of omniscient narrator examples in film and television shows from the past a number of ways that the omniscient narrator or unrestricted narration is capable of being used.


In The Shawshank Redemption the omniscient narrator is represented as Red. Who tells the story from an all-knowing point of view. In which the beginning of the story essentially tells the ending.

However, there are some elements of The Shawshank Redemption which make it hard to describe this as 100% omniscient narration. Since Red later appears within the story, technically this is a character and NOT a narrator entirely.

Which takes away the omniscient narrator title. However, you can otherwise see the core idea of omniscient narrative. Omitting the fact that Red is actually later part of the story.


Desperate Housewives provides a strong omniscient narrator example in film. Throughout the television series, the omniscient narrator, Mary Alice Young, lost her life in the very beginning of the series. But comes in as the narrator to keep the audience informed.

In true omniscient narrator style, Young represents an all-knowing figure. One who not only knows everything that is going on and what happens in the story. But uses the omniscient narration as a vehicle for explaining what the audience may have missed at various points in the story.


In the opening scene of 500 Days of Summer the omniscient narrator delivers key details of the story and a plot twist. In fact, we hear the narrator actually warning the audience at the very beginning of the story by stating, “This is not a love story.”

The omniscient narrator comes into the story in various other instances. Cautioning the audience or reminding them that they are not watching a love story.


Omniscient narrator Andre Dussollier appears to know all in the film Amelie. Some might even say, in the case of this particular omniscient narrator example in film, that omniscience was abused.

The narrator seems to come from nowhere to expose shameless elements of the character’s past. While you can make conclusions from much of the details the narrator provides, this is just another example of how films and videos use omniscient narration.