Houston Film Unions and Guilds

Top Houston Film Unions and Guilds You Should Know About

Houston, Texas, is home to a robust film industry where there are several Houston film unions and guilds in place to support every aspect of the Houston video production industry. Filmmakers seeking entertainment trade associations in Houston will appreciate the following list that we’ve compiled. Continue reading for details on artist representation and how to protect your artistic and legal rights. Each of the organizations listed below offer Houston filmmakers protection as well as industry support on their journey toward becoming meaningful contributors to the local film industry. The Houston film and T.V. associations listed below are available for your review, in no particular order. Consider one, or several, for your next project.

Houston Unions and Guilds

I.A.T.S.E. Local 51 Houston & Galveston, Texas

Houston Film Unions and Guilds - IATSE Local 51

Phone Number:



3030 North Fwy

Houston, TX 77009

The I.A.T.S.E. Local 51 Chapter for Houston and Galveston, Texas, provides support to craftsmen in the film industry, much like various other Houston film unions and guilds. This organization has offered trade support for over 120 years. It continues to provide members with a wide range of services, including networking opportunities, events hosting, insurance coverage, and wage management for fair worker pay throughout the film industry. For more information on the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees of Houston & Galveston, Texas, visit the Local 51 website.

SAG-AFTRA of Houston-Austin

Houston Film Unions and Guilds - SAG-AFTRA of Houston-Austin

Phone Number:



[email protected]

SAG-AFTRA of Houston-Austin provides several member benefits that are similar to those of other Houston unions and guilds. Member benefits include special deals and discounts, healthy pensions, contracts, and collective bargaining, workshops and educational opportunities, special resources for non-union workers, and various tools to support the industry. For details, visit the SAG-AFTRA of the Houston-Austin website.

Entertainment Trade Associations in Houston

Women in Film & Television-Houston

Houston Film Unions and Guilds - Women in Film and Television-Houston

Women in Film & Television-Houston (WIFT-Houston) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting women seeking to reach the highest advancements in television media. WIFT-Houston offers several networking opportunities similar to several other entertainment trade associations in Houston, but the focus here is mostly on women. Today, male membership does account for 20% overall with heavy contributions from college students and educational institution sponsors.

Houston Cinema Arts Society

Houston Film Unions and Guilds - Houston Cinema Arts Society

Phone Number:



4409 Montrose Boulevard, Suite 150

Houston, Texas 77006

The Houston Cinema Arts Society hosts several events targeted towards helping filmmakers come together in the Houston area each year. Like other Houston film unions and guilds, the Houston Cinema Arts Society offers support services for multimedia performers and workshops for arts professionals throughout Houston. For additional information, visit the Houston Cinema Arts Society website.

Houston Film & T.V. Organizations

Houston Film Commission

Houston Film Unions and Guilds - Houston Film Comission

Phone Number:



701 Avenida de las Americas, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77010

The Houston Film Commission provides several production resources to Houston filmmakers including permitting and location support. Like other Houston film and T.V. organizations, Houston Film Commission is dedicated to enriching the Houston film production society by providing special member access to events, casting calls, motion picture registration, and various other support resources.

Houston Media Source

Houston Film Unions and Guilds - Houston Media Source

Phone Number:

713-524-7700 x115


410 Roberts St

Houston, TX 77003

Houston Media Source offers a public access station that includes special resources like cameras, light kits, microphones, and other studio related equipment. As a public access station, Houston Media Source offers residents and those seeking a career in the arts an opportunity to live out their dreams in a real studio. Share ideas, host a show and network with others in the area.

Houston Film Associations and Resources

Backstage Magazine of Texas

Houston Film Unions and Guilds - Backstage Magazine of Texas

Phone Number:


Backstage Magazine provides highlights on the film industry in Texas, offering up the latest events, services, and support to readers. One of several Houston fIlm associations and resources available to help filmmakers enrich their careers through education and support, Backstage Magazine provides casting calls, talent acquisition, and community partnerships for creators of all stages of production.

Arts and Culture Texas

Houston Film Unions and Guilds - Arts and Culture Texas

Phone Number:


Arts and Culture Texas provides several resources for filmmakers and producers alike. Similar to several other Houston film unions and guilds previously mentioned, Arts and Culture Texas offer casting calls, local film headlines, community connections, and events listings to connect cinema lovers with the rest of the community. For more information, visit the Arts and Culture Texas website.

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