Top 4 Salt Lake City Film Schools

Top 4 Salt Lake City film schools for upcoming filmmakers to consider!

Salt Lake City, Utah has a healthy film industry, with plenty of aspiring filmmakers waiting to get going in the field of film. If you’re interested in attending one of the Salt Lake City film schools, keep reading to see if you find the best fit for you. These schools below are great communities for enthusiastic, aspiring Salt Lake City filmmakers to receive hands-on training that can help them get going with their career in the Salt Lake City industry. These schools have programs that are both hands-on, intensive programs, as well as traditional, smaller film programs.

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As an active participant in the Salt Lake City video production community, we know there are challenges along the way. A lot of these schools prepare their graduates for a future in Salt Lake City film production, visual arts, and photography. Studying the main principles of filming, editing and production can help students move forward with major film companiesnews studios, and advertising agencies or as they go for self-employment.”

1. University of Utah

Whether you’re ready to get your MFA or BFA, there are options at the University of Utah, where you can pursue either one in Film and Media Arts. From the main principles of theory and history to hands-on learning of animation, film production, and media, students are offered a program that is as well-rounded as they come. Known to be one of the best Salt Lake City film schools, it’s a reliable option for the student who wants to enter the real world with working knowledge they can put to good use. 

Phone: 801-581-6764


375 South 1530 East, Rm 250,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

2. Salt Lake Community College

SLCC offers courses taught by industry professionals who have worked in the area of expertise they teach in, so you can learn real-world knowledge, whether you want to train in audio operating, sound recording, art directing, and more. Whether you’re hoping to get a certificate or an AA or AS, there are options for wherever you might be on your path of film education. A smaller option for the student who is looking to get a quick start on learning about film, SLCC offers immersive classes that will prepare you for your future career and is know to be one of the better smaller Salt Lake City film schools. 

Phone: 801-957-SLCC (7522)


4600 South Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

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3. Brigham Young University

BYU offers both a BA in Media Studies, as well as MA in Media Arts Production. With educators who have been around the block in the industry, students are able to receive insightful instruction in the areas they want to pursue a career in. The programs are interdisciplinary offering a unique hands-on approach that ensures you graduate with a clear understanding of various aspects pertaining to your future career.  

Phone: 801-422-6645


D581 Harris Fine Arts Center
Provo, UT 84602

4. Film Connection

Film Connection is an ideal option as it’s one of the best Salt Lake City film schools and can provide a focused approach for whatever your career vision may be. Whether you want to study cinematography or film production and editing, there are various options available, all designed to provide an immersive experience for students who want to graduate with hands-on expertise. From the experienced instructors to the state-of-the-art gear, everything is designed for a real-world learning experience. 

Phone: 801-441-2231


825 N 300 W w311,
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

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