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How to Hire a Film Crew in London - Team Beverly Boy

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Date published:

March 31, 2021

How to Hire a Film Crew in London

Learning how to hire a film crew in London is a disconcerting task, but it is necessary if you want to develop only the highest quality videos! You also need to consider the size of your budget, as well as the reliability and experience of a crew when hiring a film staff. Today, we are going to look at important resources that you can use to approach the hiring process with confidence! 

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Feel free to contact our office if you need highly specialized crews in the following zip codes, E1 6AN, E1 7AA, E1 7AD, E1 6 AE, E1 6AF, and others. 

Film Crew Positions

camera crew filming interviews

The first step is to know the titles of each member of the crew, and their responsibilities in the film production process. By hiring some key positions over the others, you can be helped in picking the rest of the members of your professional London crew.

At Beverly Boy, we offer full service London film production services ranging from location scouting, to acquiring London film permits. Whether you need a 3-man film crew at The British Museum, or you are shooting an independent film on Oxford Street, we are here to help. 

Here’s the London film crew hierarchy:

  • Director – the individual is responsible for the entire production. You can get great recommendations from the person for other roles in the crew. 
  • Script Writer –Will compose a script for your project, that is if you have not drafted one. If you have, the prospective director has to see it before taking on the project. 
  • Line Producer – Manages the budget of the production.
  • Unit Production Manager – Handles all production logistics. You can consult the person together with the line producer for more recommendations for other crew members where necessary. 
  • Production Coordinator – Manages administrative tasks like paperwork, and contracting duties, particularly in humongous projects.
  • Locations Manager – Scouts for filming sites outside the studio.
  • Cinematographer –Shoots the film; an important asset to have in your team. 
  • Production Manager – Controls production expenses and responsible for negotiating contracts.
  • Production Designer – Responsible for all creative aspects of the project. Can be recommended through the production managers.
  • Sound Engineer – The person entrusted to ensures the quality of the audio in on point. 
  • Sound Crew – Are the support staff that enable the sound engineer to process the perfect audio for your video. 

How to Find a Film Crew in London

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The easiest way to find a film crew in London is to hire an experienced film production company like Beverly Boy Productions. Our crews have years of experience under their belt, and when you do a background check on them, you will have an easy time picking from a pool of highly experienced professionals. 

If you want to go about the hiring process on your own, use the tips below to find film crew professionals in London:

  • London’s Film Commission – the local commission is the best resource you can find for all things related to filming in your city. They have a production directory that you can use to access lots of different experts on different fields. 
  • London Film crew websites & forums – these are great platforms to get experts you can add to your crew. 

Hiring a Film Crew in London

film crew

Let’s say that you have a list of potential candidates you want to add to your film crew, what should you be looking for to ensure that the whole film production in London runs smoothly? Remember that the size of your film crew in London

Contact our office if you need our services in Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. 

Discuss film crew Pay Rates

The subject of film crew Pay is not an easy one, you have to approach it in a professional way if you want to sort it out fast. You should be open about the pay rates and expectations of the film crew members when discussing with them. Now, to ensure that you are objective in your hiring process, do not fall prey to cheap offers, because they do not often translate to quality results. When deciding on your budget, expect to pay a fair price for top quality film crew members.  

Demos & Resumes

demo reel is a video showcasing projects completed by an individual in the past. When you watch the demo, you can easily gauge the value of work, experience, and reliability of a person, especially when presented alongside a resume. Together, you can determine if the person is the right pick for your project. 

There are positions that do not have a demo. For such cases, you will use references. As much as it is important to look at the demo, it is also wise to reach out to people who have worked with the individual, to understand how the person operates and functions in a team. 

Dos and Don’ts

  • DO seek for opinions from other people on people you highly consider to hire. 
  • DON’T promise someone a position, because you may get a better alternative later on. 
  • DO seek recommendations from your team if you find it challenging to find someone to fill in a position
  • DON’T work with individuals whose personality are a thorn in the flesh to other members of a crew, not matter how talented they are. 

Ready to Hire a Film Crew in London?

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Now that you have the necessary tools to hire a film crew in London, put them to good use to achieve the results you want. But if for some reason you are not able to go through the process, contact Team Beverly Boy and let us take the load off your shoulders. We’re a full-service film production company with award winning film crews in London that are ready to work. 

As a top video productions company, we are ready to work on any type of film project in London or the nearby cities like Greenwich, Stratford, Chiswick, or Wimbledon. When it comes to hiring a film crew in London, we are the go-to guys!  Contact us for pros who can work on interviews, documentaries, event coverage, or feature films.

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