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How to Hire a Film Crew in Des Moines

Learning how to hire a film crew in Des Moines can be overwhelming but it is a necessary thing to ensure you create top-quality videos! There are so many things to think about when hiring a film staff: budget, experience, and trustworthiness. Team Beverly Boy has put together some resources to help you know what goes into finding the best team! 

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Film Crew Positions

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The first step is to get familiar with the entire film production process. By hiring certain positions in a certain order, you can be sure that a professional Des Moines crew can help your project is the success that you want. 

We offer full service Des Moines film production services. From location scouting to Des Moines film permits, we’ve got the resources you need throughout the whole project. We can have our 3 man film crew at Iowa State Capitol or when you are shooting an independent film on Pleasant Hill. We’d love to have you covered for whatever you need. 

Here’s the Des Moines film crew hierarchy:

  • Director – They are a must-have for any production as the driving force. They also know who could work best for the specific project. 
  • Script Writer – Necessary if you have yet to write a script. Potential directors want to see a script before accepting a job. 
  • Line Producer – Helps make sure your project stays within budget.
  • Unit Production Manager – Responsible for various logistics in the project. Along with the line producer, they could have input on who would be great for the project. 
  • Production Coordinator – For larger productions, this person can be beneficial for working  on contracts, paperwork, and other administrative tasks. 
  • Locations Manager – Helps set up locations for filming outside of a studio.
  • Cinematographer – The person who’s shooting the footage! As you can imagine, a highly important role on set.
  • Production Manager – The person who takes care of negotiating contracts and handling of expenses. Cinematographers often have suggestions. 
  • Production Designer – Responsible for creativity on set. Often recommended through production managers.
  • Sound Engineer – This person ensures sound quality.
  • Sound Crew – Sound engineers can work magic but only if they have top sound to work with at the beginning. This is why a reliable sound crew is needed.  

How to Find a Film Crew in Des Moines

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The best way to find a film crew in Des Moines is to work with an experienced film production company like Beverly Boy Productions. You will still want to do your homework to make sure you’re working with the best team for the job but you can trust our crews are reliable for any kind of project. 

If you would rather take on the process of hiring a team on your own, these tips below can help make it easy to find film crew professionals in Des Moines:

  • Des Moines’s Film Commission – the local commission is a top resource for finding the best professionals in the region. Production directories help you connect with quality crew members in the area. 
  • Des Moines Film crew websites & forums – another top way for finding local crew members. 

Hiring a Film Crew in Des Moines

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Let’s say you want to add some candidates to your film crew. There are some things to consider so that your whole film production in Des Moines goes well. Your film crew in Des Moines doesn’t have to be huge if you only have a small clip to produce. The team you need is in relation to your vision and concepts. 

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Discuss film crew Pay Rates

The subject of film crew Pay can certainly be an odd topic for some but it’s helpful when hiring a team. You want to be open about the expectations and pay rates of a film crew member. Just because someone wants to work for cheap, doesn’t mean the type of work they produce will be the quality you want! When working on a budget, expect to pay a fair price for top quality film crew members.  

Demos & Resumes

demo reel is a video that can showcase the work that someone has already created. Paired with a resume, you can have an idea of what this person can offer your project in terms of skill and expertise. 

In a scenario where someone has a resume but no reel, it could be a bit challenging to get a feel for what they can bring to your project. In this case, reach out to their references, where you’ll be able to get an idea of how their skill on paper translates to real life production projects.

Dos and Don’ts

  • DO ask others for a second opinion on someone you’d like to hire.
  • DON’T promise anyone a job, you may find someone a bit better for the job later!
  • DO ask for crew recommendations if you’re having a tough time filling a position.
  • DON’T hire someone that could be skilled but may not work well with other professionals. 

Ready to Hire a Film Crew in Des Moines?

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Now that you have the resources you need to hire a film crew in Des Moines, it’s time to put this information to good use and you can do just that with Team Beverly Boy. We’re a full-service film production company with award winning film crews in Des Moines ready to produce your project.  

We’re ready to help you with your next film project from pre production to post, whether you need interviews, documentaries, event coverage, or feature films, and more, we’d love to help. If you’d like to get started hiring a film crew in Des Moines we are the go to guys! We also service Indianola, Johnston, and Clive.