Top 3 Barcelona film schools for upcoming filmmakers to consider (1)

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Top 3 Barcelona film schools for upcoming filmmakers to consider

Top 3 Barcelona film schools for upcoming filmmakers to consider

Barcelona, Spain has a vibrant film industry and plenty of aspiring filmmakers waiting to get going in the industry. Whether you’re looking for large or small Barcelona film schools, this list has options that you can consider.  These schools offer Barcelona filmmakers to receive great training that can serve them in their future career in the Barcelona industry. These schools offer programs that range from hands-on, intensive programs for the kinesthetic learner who wants to get their hands “dirty” the more traditional options that are ideal film programs that will prepare you with all the basics that you need to know.

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As a big part of the Barcelona video production community, we know there are challenges along the way. With these schools providing instruction around Barcelona film production, photography and the visual arts and teaching the main concepts of filming, editing and production, students are prepared for futures with major film companies, news studios, and advertising agencies or pursue self-employment.

A Bachelors in Cinematography at UB allows aspiring filmmakers to be prepared in a variety of practices that can serve them in their future career. From learning about direction and digital production, as well as creative writing and screenwriting, students are expertly prepared to join the industry, ready to go. The teaching staff at Universitat de Barcelona have worked in the field of film and are able to provide reliable instruction in the classroom at this top Barcelona film school, so you get the hands-on practice that will make it easy for you to go from school to a job in the local industry. 

Phone: +34 934 021 100


University of Barcelona
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona

For students who want a Masters in Film and Television Fiction, Blanquerna is an ideal option. An immersive program taught by some of the best in the industry, many alumni who graduate from Blanquerna go on to succeed in the local film scene. From script development to production, attending this Barcelona film school uniquely prepares your with everything you need to know to enter the workforce aptly prepared. 

Phone: +34 93 253 31 08


Plaça de Joan Coromines,
08001 Barcelona

Offering a very hands-on experience, students who attend Barcelona Film School get to practice the actual job they hope to pursue while learning all about how to put theory into working knowledge. From workshops to certificate programs, there are different options for whatever works best for your vision. Whatever you have in mind, Barcelona Film School is one of the best options in town for the aspiring filmmaker who wants to use state-of-the-art gear before they get started in the industry. 

Phone: +34 930 31 04 67


Calle Victor Balaguer 20-22 Esc. 2 Bj. 1,
08870 Sitges, Barcelona