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10 Best Reasons to Hire a Paris, France Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients recognize that when it comes to a top Paris, France production company, we are one of the best for capturing the beauty found in the City of Lights. Here are 10 reasons to hire a Paris, France production company:

  1. The Eiffel TowerParis, France Production Company

There could be no tower as famous as the Eiffel Tower. If you’re hoping to film something as iconic as Paris itself, make sure to capture footage for your commercial video production with the Eiffel Tower in the background. The good news is that it’s easy and the best production companies in Paris will help you to capture the perfect shot that you would be proud to use for your brand campaign.

  1. LouvreParis, France Production Company

Home to many of the world’s most famous art pieces, the Louvre museum is a place that everyone should visit at least once. From the Mona Lisa to incredible sculptures that have stood the test of time, the work inside of the Louvre is a must for art admirers. If you want to capture an iconic background that is as recognizable as the Eiffel Tower itself, capture the pyramid structure outside of the Louvre for a picturesque Paris video production.

  1. ClimateParis, France Production Company

Many people warn against visiting Paris in summer when the weather is very hot. While temperatures can be quite high, it is a good time for filming with a production team, as the days are clear and beautiful. A favorite season for locals and visitors alike is during spring when flowers are in full bloom and the weather is still fresh. Fall is when you can capture the romance of the city with trees leaves turning colors that pair beautifully with the Seine river and historic buildings.

  1. Arc de TriompheParis, France Production Company

Not only is the Arc de Triomphe outstanding on its own as a work of art but it’s also a highly important monument in the city. Commissioned by the ever so famous Napoleon, the Arc dates back to 1806. From atop the monument, you can get an amazing view of the city. A favorite time to visit is during sunset, which is also a perfect time capture footage of the city for your unique digital marketing campaign.

  1. Cathedral of Notre DameParis, France Production Company

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is considered to be a masterpiece when it comes to Gothic architecture. While many may recognize the name of the cathedral from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, those who are from Paris recognize this cathedral for it’s long standing history as one of the most iconic cathedrals of the middle ages. Construction was started on it in 1163 and while it took many more years to complete, it’s certainly one of the most historic churches in all of Europe. Any project with one of the top production companies in Paris will stand out with the cathedral in the background.

  1. FoodParis, France Production Company

Paris is well-known for many reasons but one of the best reasons is for the food. You can’t go to Paris, whether for working with a video company or for fun, without visiting at least a few of the top restaurants in the city. If you’re looking for great spots for wine and gourmet dishes, consider our following favorites:

  1. Breizh Café is where you can find what many consider to be the perfect crepe. While we haven’t tried all of the crepes in Paris, we certainly believe that it does deserve some attention for the unique options on the menu.
  2. Tannat is a place where you can try some incredible plates, from vegetables you would have never thought could be delicious to fresh fish or beef prepared as if it were a work of art.
  3. Everyone, and I mean, everyone who visits Paris will post a picture of their meal at Chez la Vieille. Is it the romantic patio on the street allowing you to people watch as you enjoy your meal or is it the iconic French dishes that are casual enough to not be pretentious but delectable enough that they deserve to be in a high-class restaurant? We’d say it’s a little bit of both ambiance and great meals that make this an all time favorite.


  1. Basilica of the Sacre-CoeurParis, France Production Company

Overlooking the city, the Basilica of the Sacre-Coeur is an impressive building that you could use as a backdrop for your project with a local Paris production crew. If you are looking for a spot to capture a panorama of all of Paris, this is also an excellent spot to capture footage for your commercial video production.

  1. HistoryParis, France Production Company

Paris was first a fortified settlement by a tribe called Parisii in the 3rd century BC. Years later in 52 AD, the Romans made this town their own and called it Paris Lutetia. Back then, Paris had yet to be the big and world-famous city it is today. It wasn’t until the Franks took over Paris that it began to flourish. Built along the Seine River, it was a busy town with a lot going on at it’s inland port. It soon became a renown location for the educated people and scholars of Europe. Although Paris went through various revolutions and major events, it remained a beautiful and popular city over the years. While it did receive some damage during the world wars, much of the historic buildings are still standing to this day.

  1. PermitsParis, France Production Company

Filming in Paris can be a bit complicated, especially because it’s such a large and busy city. You won’t need a procedure in every instance, such as when filming indoors in a private location without equipment vehicles on the street. If you’re filming on a highway or need to close a street, and must have police support, you’ll need a permit. There are several things to look into when it comes to filming in Paris but it is possible to work with a local Paris production studio to obtain them.

  1. Place VendomeParis, France Production Company

Built in honor of Louis XIV, Place Vendome is a large square that is as beautiful as it is busy. The most recognized building at the square is the Ritz Hotel, but there are also many shops and restaurants nearby where you can browsing around and relaxing at while observing the comings and goings of people in the square. A spectacular sight at sunrise or sunset, it’s the ideal location for an iconic shot for your video production in the city of love.

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