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5 Must Have Elements for Great Training Videos for Employees  

Internal employee training videos are a great method of providing powerful assistance to employees without increasing the workload for managers or adding more strain to an already busy field. Training employees with video is both powerfully effective and equally affordable. However, poorly created employee training videos won’t engage the viewer and may lead to more harm than good.

Manufacturing Training Video Production

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Follow along as we outline the must have features for great training videos for employees and what it takes to produce powerful training that sticks in the mind’s of your crew.

An Engaging Story

The best employee training videos are backed by a powerfully engaging story  that the employees cannot get enough of. Human nature keeps us on the hunt for a good story.

It’s why so many people gossip and fall into the world of listening in on what others have to say about Mr. D down on the 4th floor or Miss S that comes in for night shift.

Effective Messages

Great employee training videos can be equally effective in producing that human desire to listen and engage if they tell a story that employees find interesting.

The most important element of any training video is the story behind it. Even some of the most boring, difficult to recall, hard to follow tasks that an employee must train on in order to fully understand can be warmed up with a powerful and engaging story.

A story that effectively trains the employee without him or her realizing that the training is taking place is the best tool you have when it comes to using video to teach employees new tasks.

A Great Script 

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You can’t possibly have an engaging story without a great script to deliver the story by. Great employee training videos aren’t the result of an improvised scenarios from one scene to the next.

Now is the time to make sure you have thought each line through, considered each element of the behavior and action of characters, and developed a script that guides the training step by step through the process.

The script should be written with purpose and direction. Most likely, you’re going to need a professional to write it for you!

It’s  Compact

A great employee training video is compact. It keeps everything you need to know in a short, easy to digest video that won’t waste your time.

Employees are never going to be checking their watch for a time for the video to be over or for their session in training to be over–because before they even realize the video has wrapped, the training is complete. Keep them engaged, throughout the entire video, and keep the video brief. 

Figure out what you need to say, determine the important elements of your training video and then take steps to shorten the content even further.

No employee wants to sit through a 30 minute training session unless it’s engaging and rolls through a lot of important elements of their training in a powerfully captivating manner.

Engaging Edits 


Great employee training videos must be engaging. If this means you have to make several edits to the video to bring it up to speed, do it! If this means that you need to get a presenter that is upbeat and fun to listen to, do it!

If this means that you need to capture the most exciting elements of the training visually and move through the content quickly, but in a way that keeps interest and understanding high, do it!

Keep the viewer engaged throughout the video and they will remember much more than if you bore them from the start!

Use interesting visual content, sounds and data that keep the audience engaged and if you have to employ top-notch editing in post-production in order to keep the viewer happy–who’s stopping you?

Get Graphic

post production editing

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Great employee training videos often include a range of diverse graphics that help to further diversify the content to keep the audience visually engaged.

Graphics can make even a drab subject with very little excitement come together to appear more visually entertaining. Make the entire process as visual as you can and use graphics to your advantage to get the most out of your employee training video production. 

Think about how you can communicate the essential elements of your training in a visual manner that your audience will resonate with from beginning to end.

Colors, framing, and the use of a range of interactive graphics will make your content appear more exciting than it probably is–now is your time to get creative.

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