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Top 3 Detroit Film Studios for your Michigan Video Project

If you’re searching for Detroit film studios, then look no further. We hope this list of resources makes your job just a little bit easier. First, it’s important to note that the film and video production industry in Detroit, Michigan, has grown over time. People are constantly looking for the latest video content for social media marketing – production houses are there to help. Whether you need footage for a movie or a tv spot for branded content, this list consists of local Detroit studios and sound stages that are available for rental.

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This list includes some of the top Detroit production studios. If your project calls for a plain white Cyc wall or a large green screen studio, Detroit is full of great facilities that can accommodate you. You can rest assured knowing that your Detroit production team can handle everything from shooting to professional stage lighting (and more). If you require any additional spaces or equipment, feel free to give the studio a call.

1. Electric Studio

Electric Studio features a single, innovative studio complete with all of the bells and whistles needed for video production. It’s a premium, multi-purpose studio in the heart of Detroit.

Electric Studio offers top-notch services from film to photography, to creative direction and branding. This facility also has an on-site boutique that can take your production from standard to stylish. On that note, it’s not difficult to take your production to the next level here at Electric Studio.


2. Eightfold

Eightfold is more than a production space. This collective of artists and filmmakers produce top-quality productions – and they’re more than excited to contribute to your latest project!

From delicate and moving videos to powerful and intense ones, their videography is phenomenal. This is a great studio to take your project to, especially if you need some help with creative direction.


If You Need to Rent a Film Studio, Detroit Has Your Back

Detroit video production services

Outside of some great studio spaces, Michigan is home to some gorgeous backdrops that you can utilize in your upcoming film project. For example, the “Illuminated Mural” is a kaleidoscopic art piece in Detroit’s North End area. This nine-story mural can easily be a colorful backdrop for an upcoming video production. Detroit also offers some fantastic locations to feed your crew once you’re done filming. (The Grey Ghost and Giovanni’s are some of our favorite places to dine.)

Detroit, Michigan, is an extremely film-friendly city, so if you need any information on film permits and local accessibility, just contact the Detroit Film Office. With that in mind, let’s take a look at one more Detroit film studio.

3. M-1 Studios

This professional studio can execute local or international shoots. No matter where you are, this crew can come to you! M-1 Studios is a one-stop-shop for equipment, creative marketing, and everything video production.

Their Detroit studio space is perfect for video production, with lighting and backdrops available on-site.