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Video Production for Dentists in Glendale

Are you searching for top Video Production for Dentists in Glendale? If so, your search ends today. A lot is going on in the dental industry in Arizona. For example, Medicaid has expanded to low-income adults, which has led to improved access to private and public health benefits thanks to Obamacare. The economy continues to expand, witnessing sharp growth in employment rates. This has increased the demand for dental services amid this $155 billion dollar market. The dental industry in the US has more than 1.08 million dentists, dental surgeons, hygienists, and orthodontists, making it difficult to penetrate for new practitioners. But there is a way around this. You can use professional video production for dentists to penetrate the local Glendale market and compete effectively even with established businesses. We also service Phoenix, AZ, Chandler, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, and Tucson, AZ.

A professionally produced video can help you attract patients to your Glendale dental practice because it will portray you as a trusted practitioner. It will also increase the market share of your dental brand. Video production for dentists, especially the Glendale dental videos, will help you attract high-quality local patients, provided you back it up with high-quality services.

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When looking for highly trained and experienced dental video production experts in Glendale, Beverly Boy Productions is your answer. We are experts in planning, shooting, editing, and post-production distribution of all dental video assets. We use modern tools and equipment to ensure our videos have excellent image and sound quality. When you hire us, we’ll work with you throughout the production journey to ensure we produce expert videos for your Glendale dental practice. We will use our experience to position your clinician or practice as the industry leader. We offer various services, including the production of promotional and marketing media, training videos, and customer interviews or testimonials. All these types of videos work best in developing trust and building brand credibility.

Promotional Videos for Dentists

As you can see, the best way to highlight the important aspects of your dental practice is to use promotional videos for dentists. These videos are detailed and will help your potential customers know what you do and how you do it. You can actually use the videos to demonstrate some of your dental procedures to help build trust. This will help improve your conversion rate.

Promoting a Glendale dental practice with video is one of the best ways to improve your online presence. By posting your videos across various media channels like your website and social media profiles, and using them in email marketing campaigns, you can greatly improve your online presence and you’ll experience:

-Increase practice referrals. 

-Increased organic rankings.

-Stronger audience trust.

-Improved patient understanding of services.

-Greater digital visibility.

Marketing Videos for Dentists

According to many Glendale dental marketing experts, video is a must for companies that want to drive digital conversion and reach a significant number of patients. Fortunately, videos can be shared on many platforms, including Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Our marketing Video Production for Dentists in Glendale will make things easier for your marketing team. We also service El Mirage, Paradise Valley, Avondale, and Tolleson, providing video production services in Glendale for the following:

-General Dentist

-Pedodontist or Pediatric Dentist




-Oral Pathologist or Oral Surgeon


Marketing videos for dentists can be incorporated into all marketing channels. You can post the videos on your website and landing pages and use them for television promotions and email campaigns. Even with short, engaging marketing videos, your click-through rates can increase by as much as 300%. And, if you embed the videos on your landing page, expect  80% or higher conversions. Experts at Team Beverly Boy will help you achieve your video marketing goals.

Training videos for your dental practice

There are a lot of things going on in a business that can’t allow you time to conduct staff training. But staff training is something you can’t ignore because it’s a crucial factor in driving revenues. You need not worry. Training Video Production for Dentists in Glendale can work just fine. We can produce professional training videos that will boost your employees’ knowledge and save you money on training costs.

Professionally produced training videos for your dental practice can be used alongside in-person training to provide continuous training for your staff. In cases where in-person training is not possible, you can simply use the videos. The greatest advantage of using videos is that your employees can replay them over and over again until they grasp a concept. Dental training videos can help:

·         Improve staff accessibility and buy-in to education.
·         Increase knowledge retention by up to 80%.
·         Boost work productivity.
·         Improve worker engagement.

Your training videos can further be improved by modern devices and technologies such as path-based training or branching, links and supporting content, 360° video views, and the introduction of interactive polls, quizzes, or similar features. Whichever type of video you need, Beverly Boy Production is there for you. We also service 85031, 85301, 85310, 85311, 85307, etc.

Interview Videos for Dentists

A professionally produced dental video will have a long-term benefit for your practice. It can offer you a competitive edge in the dental industry. This is because it builds consumer trust and confidence, thus generating new leads. Expert interview videos for Glendale dentists will position you as an expert clinician in your market. This can succeed if you use the videos to educate your customers on dental hygiene, dental care, oral surgery, and many other important topics relevant to the needs of your patients. Another great way to use video for marketing is to create interview videos for dentists. It’s best to include dental customer testimonial videos so your prospects can see for themselves what your satisfied customers say.

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If you want dentist case study videos for marketing purposes or customer stories for your dental office in Glendale, Beverly Boy Productions has you covered. We’ll produce high-quality videos you can use to draw customers to try your dental services in Glendale. Customer review Video Production for Dentists in Glendale is part of the production services offered by Team Beverly Boy.