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Top Detroit Video Production Insights 2024

There are some amazing video trends hitting the market in 2024 and you are probably going to want to utilize some of them to help your company tell its stories to your audience. Using video as a corporate marketing tool is on the rise. Only about 61 percent of companies used videos in their marketing strategies in 2020 and this year that number has risen to over 80 percent.  What this means for you is that having a top Detroit video production company to create a powerful video campaign is essential for your operation this year. It will also be a smart investment and the key to keeping you at the top of the market. When choosing the Detroit video production agency to work with, make sure they know about the following trends and they are able to utilize them in your next film project.

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Getting Customers Involved In Your MI Video Production

One of the biggest trends that we are seeing is personalizing film campaigns to engage and involve your customers. This generally happens by using social media or apps for mobile devices. For example, a full-service MI video production company can assist you in creating astounding video content that you can embed on your website. A consumer who wants to know more can enter their information into an app that has been created specifically for your company, or on your website.

The video you have posted will be personalized to use their name and other information. This helps to tailor a video production to each customer so that they feel like you are speaking directly to them, but it also keeps the film generic enough that you can use it to reach a large number of people at one time. If you believe this is a service that would be beneficial to your business, hire a Detroit video producer that is familiar with website video production so that the film is done properly.


Choose a Detroit video Production Studio To Build a Story line

Another great trend we are seeing is a shift from the single film to tell a story. In the past, Detroit video production studios have created campaigns in just one film, usually running between 2-6 minutes. In 2024, though, we are seeing companies build a story line through several smaller films, from about 15 seconds to a minute in length, that are posted on different platforms, like social media and TV, at once.

Whether you run a new business in Wayne County, or an advertising agency on Woodward near downtown, selecting a company that has a solid track record of digital marketing in South Michigan helps you create films that you know will intrigue and snag consumers, allowing you to reach more people at once. Working with a video production studio who can produce short films is the key to doing this video trend properly, and you need to select more than just a video company. Hiring a full service video production studio allows you to create short films that flow properly and tell your story in a concise manner.

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Having Hybrid Video Production Services in Detroit

Customers like being engaged, sure, but they also want to see something new that really gets their attention. If you want to create such a film, hybrid video production services is where you need to look. Hybrid video production is a combo of live streaming with video elements. Live streams are extremely popular, now, so having a Top Detroit video production company that offers streaming and webcasting options is essential, but you also need a Detroit production house that can create specific video elements and add them to a stream.

For example, a call to action chyron or lower third gives out information without interrupting the feed, so audiences are getting what they need and want in one film. You can also have a webcast streaming with a logo or a lower third graphic on the screen at all times, directing consumers to visit your website so they can get more information about your company.

Choose Detroit Film Production Companies That Do Micro-Films

It may be the age of information and technology, but it is also the era of giving consumers what they want, immediately, and today’s consumers want quite a bit from corporations. It isn’t enough to just offer a product or service that has good reviews. Today, consumers want to be entertained, they want to connect to corporations, and they want information, fast. The best way to do this is with micro films. When you are choosing between Detroit film production companies, be sure to select one that specializes in micro films, if this is a trend you want to utilize.

These films are generally 30 seconds or less, and if you want to create one for your company, you need to find film production companies in Detroit that have experience making them and making them for social media sites, because that is where most of them are listed. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and more, place these micro films within a feed, and they are easily shared with just the click of one button.

If you create a film that your consumers connect with, they are likely to share it with their friends, which means you are reaching more people than you thought, and you aren’t doing the work to share that video with them. An experienced creative agency understands the value in these films, and knows that video marketing in 2024 has changed how we do film campaigns.


Book a Detroit Production Company That Offers Live Streaming Services

When looking at some of the most common trends that we are noticing in film, live videos, which you usually see on social media sites being done via a mobile device, are really taking off. Companies who decide to use live video options in 2024 aren’t just taking advantage of a nutrient to reach their consumers, but they are setting themselves up for future success. Of course, doing a live video on a phone may not seem like a professional way to reach your consumers, but you can make a quality life video by hiring a Detroit production company that is able to do live interviews with you. The production company will assist you with setting up a live stream of you being interviewed.

You can also do a live video where you and another member of your company discuss the future of your business. You can also have a staff member talk about why they enjoy working for your company. Whatever you decide, this is the type of video that consumers want to see. It gives them a glimpse of who you are, as a company, and not just the products or services you have to offer. Hiring a Top Detroit video production company that is near you is also a good idea, because they will be able to conduct these live interviews or set up live streams anytime you like. You should do them often enough to keep your customers engaged.

Go With a Detroit Video Production Agency That Knows Blogging

When you stop to consider what a Detroit video production agency offers, you probably think of all things related to film, right? Today, the top production companies in Detroit are tackling something else- blogging. No, this doesn’t mean they will be blogging for you, but they can create short films that drive consumers to your website, and they can add films to your company blog. If you don’t have a blog, you need one. Companies who have them also have a more loyal following, because consumers get to associate your name with more than just your product or service. A skilled video production agency can place entertaining and informational videos within your blog, which gives them things they want- blogs and entertainment- in one place.

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Beverly Boy Productions Detroit

When you choose your Top Detroit video production company to help you create a trendy corporate video campaign, you need to do more than search for “production companies near me.” You want to be sure to hire a company that knows the latest trends, how to incorporate them into the videos you have in mind, and what to look for in the future of film so that you stay ahead of your competitors. Beverly Boy Productions knows all of this, and we will keep you on top of the game when you work with us.

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