Tips for Compelling Non-Profit Organization Videos

Tips for Compelling Non-Profit Organization Videos

The most compelling non-profit videos will not only connect with the audience. They will deliver your message in a way that almost mentally forces them to take action. We’re showing you how you can produce compelling non-profit organization videos that will inform your community and capture their attention so that they genuinely want to help you and your nonprofit succeed. Follow along and learn how you can reach your community in a way that evokes powerful feelings of empathy and inspiration.

Connect with Your Audience

The first and most important way to produce a compelling non-profit video is to connect with your audience in a real way. Strong human connection is key to producing a non-profit video that evokes powerful interaction from your viewers. Want your community to support you and your cause? Connect with them through video!

Establishing a deep human connection with video can be done in several ways. Most non-profits find that telling their founding story and proving to viewers that their story is similar to that of others in the community is key to this connection. We all want to connect with like-minded businesses and brands. Prove that your non-profit organization is just like the community you’re working in and you’re sure to connect on a deep level.

Tailor Video Length to Your Audience

The length of your video must not be too long or too short. If it’s too long, you risk boring viewers. Too short and you risk not getting your story across. How can you establish the appropriate time for your video length? Think of who you are sharing with!

Your video length should:

  • Deliver your story to your target audience in a meaningful way that connects with them. Keep it short and sweet.
  • Keep viewers engaged and encourage them to share the video on social or elsewhere so that they can get others involved too.
  • Be long enough to keep your viewers satisfied and not feeling like they missed something but short enough that they never, ever, feel like you wasted their time.


Most videos are best kept 90-seconds or less for non-profits. If you are considering a longer span of footage, make sure you’ve done your research. Be 100% certain that your audience will stick around for the duration of your video. Otherwise you’re wasting your own time and theirs!

Educate Viewers & Inspire Contribution

You want viewers to feel inspired to contribute to your cause. You want them to genuinely want to help your non-profit. How can you achieve this? Educate viewers with your video content so that they feel informed and motivated to take part in your non-profit. Remember, viewers prefer video content and will retain 95% of what they see versus only 10% of what they read–share your educational message and any important points via video to get the most out of your promotions.

To make the most compelling video that delivers a powerful message, consider the use of:

  • Music that impacts the emotions of the viewer.
  • Graphics to further accentuate a major concept or key idea.
  • Storytelling to deliver an otherwise complex message.
  • A strong call-to-action at the end that prompts the viewer to take the desired action.


Spreading awareness about a problem that your non-profit is passionate about can help you reach others that have similar thoughts about the problem and who may want to be a part of your non-profit so that they can help solve the problem. Most people strive to be a part of something bigger than what they alone can accomplish. If your non-profit contains a great community, you may compel more people to offer their support.

Ultimately if you can prove your non-profit is taking a strong stance on a particular subject and that you’re doing whatever it takes to build a community that is focused on solving the problem and you do it all through video, you’ll win over more supporters. If you’re still unsure how to create a compelling video for your non-profit organization, call Beverly Boy Productions today for help. We’re happy to provide a wide range of video production services for non-profit organizations and cannot wait to get started on your next video project!

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