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Best Charlotte Corporate Video Production Insights

When you want to produce quality video, find the Best Charlotte corporate video production company that can help make your dream a reality. Did you know that video campaigns have become specialized for niche markets? This means that you can share more about your brand and your message in a unique and appealing way. You can now target current clients that are already interested in your brand, while also directly appealing to potential customers. 

Charlotte Video Production Company

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When you hire a Charlotte corporate film company that can make captivating videos for your audience, you can rest assured that you are making a worthwhile investment. 

If you’re seriously considering it, consider these asking certain questions. Do you know how to create video that engages audiences? Have you ever placed videos on specific platforms to reach a certain demographic?

If not, this is where hiring Top Charlotte Corporate film makers may be a good idea. They know how to do what you don’t.

Making the Best Use of Your Charlotte Corporate Video

Despite being a powerful marketing tool, not all Charlotte corporate videos are successful. To get positive results, corporate videos need to be of great substance and authenticity.

No matter if you are presenting your video at the Yiasou Greek Festival in Charlotte or looping it in your office in the Charlotte Central Business District, you can make a lasting impression on your viewers with high quality corporate videos.

Quality Prevails

Low-quality videos will leave viewers confused and unlikely to look into your business, so invest in the best! 

Begin by asking yourself this basic question- what is the purpose of this film? What do I hope to achieve with it? Promoting a non-profit and doing internal marketing are going to require vastly different types of Charlotte corporate video. 

Let’s look at some examples.

Depending on what you hope to achieve, repurposed video content for social media might work better than a homepage promotional video or still photos for your website.

If you want to create a video for email campaigns, you’re going to need content that is different than what is used in television or using audio for radio-type services.

 Repurpose Your Corporate Video

Charlotte Corporate Video Production Cost

Business in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mecklenburg County is competitive, so getting your business to stand apart from the rest is important.

Other than you company goals, your target audience, your message, and your approach are all things that will affect the type of video your company needs.

Major Factors

No matter the type of video you need, the price you pay will depend on two major factors. There are many corporate video production companies in Southern North Carolina.

So to figure out basic pricing, remember that the duration of your video and the staff and gear you use for your film will be the biggest factors in your pricing. Below, you will find a per-hour pricing sheet of corporate video production cost.

 Charlotte Production Crew Rates

Charlotte Corporate Video Production Pricing Sheet:

  • Video Director: $25/hour to $250/hour
  • Script Writer/Marketer: $60/hour to $150/hour
  • Video Editor: $60/hour to $175/hour
  • Cameramen: $25/hour to $400/hour
  • Actors/Presenters: $50/hour to $500/hour
  • Equipment: $25/hour to $100’s/hour
  • Studio Shooting: $100/hour to $400/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers: $100 to $400
  • Audio Files: $30 to $1,000
  • Video Rendering: $30/hour to $75/hour
  • B-Roll: 10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees’: $100 to $1000’s

Charlotte Corporate Pre-Production

When it comes to Charlotte corporate video production, there are three phases to know about: pre-production, production, and post-production. Each of these consist of services that are necessary to your project.

With Charlotte corporate pre-production, you’re starting the process and working with a production team to draft an outline of your project.

This is where you show examples of your idea, like in a reference video.

A producer or director will line out the way this process will go, and they will create a script, if it’s needed. Depending on your video’s content, your crew might need to do extra work or research, like obtaining location permits or studio access.

Pre-production is essentially the planning and preparing phase for the filming process. An expert team will work with you throughout the entire phase to make sure you’re 100% happy with your project’s direction.

Corporate Production

This is where the magic takes place! During the corporate production phase, the scenes outlined in pre-production will be recorded.

A skilled team will stick to your budget and schedule, and they will effectively communicate with every other party in the production, like on-location filming, the office, etc.

Key Roles 

Every group in the corporate film making process is involved with the production process. The grip, electric, and design crews will get things rolling before the camera and sound departments start filming.

Of course, the production process is going to depend on the video you’re creating. For instance, if you’re creating an explainer video, you most likely won’t use studio staff and actors, but rather animators and narrators.

But if you’re filming employee testimonials, you most likely won’t use those in your film. Additionally, B-roll footage is sometimes filmed in the production phase and then used in post-production.

 corporate video production tips

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Corporate Post-Production

Post-production is important in ensuring you get a top-quality corporate video. In this phase, footage is organized by the editors, then the sound and color is adjusted, then dialogue, music, and sound effects are added to make the film perfect.

After the production has been edited and rendered, it’s ready to be finalized. Before going to distribution, your crew should show you the finished product so that you can discuss any changes you want. Those changes will be made before the film is given to you.

When you are totally happy with the final result, you will have finished corporate post-production and you’ll have your video in-hand so that you may post it to social media, present it at a convention, or distribute it wherever else you see fit!

Charlotte Corporate Live Streaming

Live streaming and corporate webcasting is a unique way to communicate with your audience. Because unlike regular videos, Charlotte corporate live streaming provides its viewers with an interactive and immersive experience.

By giving them the ability to feel as if they were there, in-person. This is one thing that makes live streaming so popular and normal videos can’t compete!

Recording Events 

Live streaming in Charlotte, North Carolina is often used to record an event or an unboxing of a product.

Depending on the platform you use for your stream, viewers can comment on your corporate streaming media, which helps you show your content to other users you may not have considered.

Other Purposes 

Outside of social media, live streaming is great for hosting conferences or meetings through Charlotte corporate live streaming. Employees all over the globe can participate in the stream and many quarterly company webcasts are used in a corporate setting.

The gear needed for streaming live corporate events is easy to put together and use, so a professional crew should have no issue hosting one for you.

Best Practices for Charlotte Corporate Video Production

First, check in with Charlotte Regional Business Alliance to get some solid tips on filming here. We have also provided tips for creating a top-quality corporate video for your company. We suggest checking out these best practices before starting the corporate video production process.

Tip #1- Determine the purpose of your video.

A director or producer will help with this during pre-production, but having a plan before going into the production process is a smart idea.

Tip #2Be clear and concise.

When it comes to videos, a high-quality video can be short and still get attention. In fact, you will most likely get more attention with a short, high-quality video than one that’s long and low-quality.

Tip #3- Be sure to include branding.

In order for your audience to remember you, you want to state your brand’s message, list out contact information, and ensure that your company identity is prevalent in your video. Viewers won’t remember you if your company info isn’t clear in your video.

Preparing Your Team for Corporate Video

Preparing your team for the Corporate shoot

No matter if your business is in the 28078, 28201, 28217, 28282 getting your team on the same page is important. You can prepare your team for corporate video by addressing the wardrobe.

Dress Code

For the most part, it’s easy- anyone who will be on camera should not wear plain white or black tops, intricate patterns, and logos/brand names.

The type of pants and shoes don’t matter as long as they line up with the theme of your video. To keep things running smoothly, have hair and makeup ready before filming starts.

Additionally, being natural on camera is a great idea. Audiences want to see you, and authenticity is important for corporate video production.

Be Prepared

If you’re filming corporate testimonials, it’s important that you have questions prepared for the customer or employee that you’re interviewing.

Questions like “What was it like before you received our product or service?”, “How do we stand out from other options?”, and “What would you tell someone who’s considering our services?” are built to appeal to your target audience and pull them into your business.

Hiring a Charlotte Corporate Video Company

After getting your ideas in order, you are ready to find a company to work with. With dozens of companies to choose from in Charlotte, North Carolina and the cities of Mount Holly, Gastonia, Concord you will have your work cut out for you to choose the right one.

There are two things to consider when hiring a Charlotte corporate video company: video samples and responsiveness.

Video Samples

One of the first things you will look for when you search for a video company is check out those with the highest reviews. We suggest checking video reviews. Anyone can post anonymous, false reviews, but video is solid.

Also, you can ask for samples. Look for consistency and make sure the quality of video you see matches with the reviews you have read.


A professional company should respond to inquiries in a reasonable amount of time. Most of the time, you can get a free quote for your project, and they should provide concise consultation to make your job easier.

Look for responsiveness in communication that shows that you are a priority to them.

Charlotte Corporate Video Filming With Beverly Boy

We have been working in Charlotte corporate video filming for more than a decade, helping many different clients all over southern North Carolina produce captivating and compelling videos that have reached more viewers than was ever possible before in Charlotte.

Of course, there are plenty of companies offering corporate video services, but Beverly Boy Productions is one company that actually has the expertise you need in corporate video filming.

This important, because a company that knows the difference between corporate videos and promotional videos, for example, is a company you want to trust.

Team Beverly Boy understands what you need, and we can walk you through the large variety of options that exist, in order to help you find the best fit for your brand. We also service entire southern North Carolina area, including Matthews, Belmont, Davidson, and Pineville.

What Is Charlotte Corporate Video Marketing?

Charlotte Corporate video marketing is something that won’t only share information about a product. It’s also the kind of video that will help your audience understand more about you and your team.

This is important, as it tells a story of the people on your team and not just your services. Consumers want to know more about your vision and mission.

When you use corporate video marketing in Charlotte, you can your viewers about who you are, which can help them to make a connection with you. Consumers who feel catered to are more apt to become loyal customers than those who don’t.

This is especially true when consumers share the same values as you do. This is why choosing the Best Charlotte corporate video production will be an investment that is worth your time.

Vetting Charlotte Corporate Video Making Companies

When you research the best Charlotte corporate video making companies, you want to choose one that knows what they’re doing when it comes to handling corporate video production. You want one that knows how to make your brand grow.

Whether you operate a manufacturing company in Mecklenburg County, or a consulting firm on Sardis Road in Southeast Charlotte, you’ll want to make sure that you work with an experienced company who can handle what you need in corporate videos in southern North Carolina.

Ask for samples of what they do and more information on their experience, so you can be sure that they are the right fit for you. You are essentially interviewing candidates for the right Charlotte business video company that will be the right fit for you.

Choosing Your Charlotte Corporate Video Company

When you have chosen the best Charlotte corporate video company for you, you want to make sure that they are offering the right services for your budget and needs.

You need to make sure that they are doing things above the table, in terms of which services that they actually do and if the prices match their skill.

Do Thorough Research

Take time to do your research, to make sure that you get the services you need from the Charlotte corporate video company of your choosing. Are they helping you to script and scout locations?

Pay attention to these details, as this has an impact on your budget. When you meet with a company, make sure that you have a list of the services you need.

So that the process goes more smoothly for you and the Charlotte corporate video makers you will be working with. You don’t want any surprises once you start filming.

How To Monitor Charlotte Corporate Film Production Companies

You will learn that the best Charlotte corporate film production companies will be very efficient in the production of your corporate video. If they aren’t, you need to keep looking. A good company will keep you in the loop throughout the entire filming process.

If they aren’t, then you need to ask questions. When you are doing this type of video production, it’s important to get the advice of someone in the Charlotte corporate film production industry.

Companies need to ask for your feedback during production. If they don’t, you should be careful, as this could point towards issues in production.

How To Use your Charlotte Business Video Production

Once filming is done, you should have a quality Charlotte business video production that you can use to captivate audiences. What do you do with it? This is where a company with production know-how will be able to help you.

Many expert production companies will be able to help you get your content on air or online on the right platforms, so multiple audiences can view it. Remember to ask the company you want to work with if they offer this type of service.

When you use the right Charlotte business video production, you can be sure that you’re making a solid investment in video that can be shared over and over again, wherever needed.

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