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Best Chicago Corporate Video Production Insights

If you are thinking of using video for your business, be sure to go with the Best Chicago corporate video production company that can help you understand what all the process consists of. Video campaigns cater directly to audiences because today’s consumer wants to feel as if you are speaking to them. This gives them a sense of personalization, and having that connection is key in getting and keeping them interested in your company.

Top Chicago Video Production

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Making the Best Use of Your Chicago Corporate Video

Despite being a powerful marketing tool, not all Chicago corporate videos make the impact people would like them to. In order to inspire positive responses, corporate videos need to be authentic and have substance to them.

Whether you’re presenting at the Chicago Pop Culture Con or using it for your office in The Loop, it has to make an impression on viewers. For this type of result, you’ll want to use high quality corporate videos that not only inspire, but also impress.

On the flip side, low-quality videos won’t do much for captivating your audience.

You know what works wonders for starting off a video?

Ask a question. It can be something like “What is the business objective that you want to reach by using this video?” or “What is the purpose of this video?” This is important, as the type of video matters in production.

A promotional campaign is going to need different visuals than the video created to reach your internal team, so make sure to pay attention to the various types of Chicago corporate video.

Check out our infographic below. It depends on your goals but repurposed video content for social media might be more helpful than creating homepage promotional video or still photos for your website.

If you want to create clips for email campaigns, you’re going to need content that is different than what could be used for television or using audio for radio-type services.

Chicago Corporate Video Production Cost

The area of Chicago, Illinois, Cook County can be competitive for businesses, so whatever you do, make sure to show how you’re unique.

Apart from your business goals, factors such as the brand message you have, who you want to reach, and the kind of approach you want to take will impact the video that will work best for your company.

No matter which video you create, there are costs to working with corporate video production companies in northeastern Illinois so here is how to figure out what you’ll be charged for.

(1) the length of your video (2) the gear and team needed to film it. Below, you will find per-hour averages for a corporate video production cost.

Chicago Corporate Video Production Pricing Sheet:

  • Video Director: $100/hour to $250/hour
  • Script Writer/Marketer:$60/hour to $150/hour
  • Video Editor:$60/hour to $175/hour
  • Cameramen:$125/hour to $400/hour
  • Actors/Presenters:$100/hour to $500/hour
  • Equipment:$25/hour to $100’s/hour
  • Studio Shooting:$100/hour to $400/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers:$100 to $400
  • Audio Files:$30 to $1,000
  • Video Rendering:$30/hour to $75/hour
  • B-Roll:10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees’:$100 to $1000’s

Chicago Corporate Pre-Production

For a complete Chicago corporate video production, there are three different phases: pre-productionproduction, and post-production. Each phase involves details that are important for your vision to come to life.

With Chicago corporate pre-production, you’re getting the process started. When you work with the crew, you’ll draft an outline for your project. This is a good time to show a reference clip, if you have one.

A producer or director will help you to understand what will go into the production experience, and also come up with a script for the narrators or presenters.

Conduct Thorough Research

Depending on your vision, a crew will have to do a bit more research, especially if you have a project that can’t be done without location permits or studio access.

Pre-production is important as it allows for time to plan for a successful project. An experienced team make sure you’re a part of this process so that it’s according to your vision.

Corporate Production

This phase is where the crew will make the magic happen. During the corporate production phase, visuals are recorded, and everything you planned for happens, including the info and scenes you talked about during pre-production.

A seasoned team will make sure that everything is according to your schedule and budget, communicating with you about each part of the production process.

Key Roles

Every party of the corporate film making process is necessary for production. The grip, electric, and design crews will start working on the project before the camera and sound departments start to film.

Of course, the length and details of your production will depend on your vision. If you’re creating an explainer video, you may need animators and not actors.

On the other hand, if you’re filming employee testimonials, you probably won’t want narrators for it. Additionally, B-roll footage is shot during this phase and then used in post-production.

Corporate Post-Production

Post-production is highly necessary for creating top-quality corporate video. In this phase, footage is edited and polished by talented editors.

They can also take care of sound details to make sure that dialogue and music is up-to-standard, and will also enhance color and clarity to ensure amazing results.

Double Triple Check

After your video has been edited and rendered, it’s ready to be completed. Before you have it ready for sharing, your crew should let you see the finished product. This way, you can ensure anything you want changed and be done before it’s shared all over the place.

If you’re satisfied with the finished product, then it’s yours to do with it that you want to. You’ve successfully completed corporate post-production, the last phase in production. 

At this point, you’ll have your video ready. Whether you post it to social media or share it at a conference, it’s going to be amazing.

Chicago Corporate Live Streaming

Live streaming and corporate webcasting is a great way to communicate with your audience, from internal teams to your target audience. Unlike regular videos, Chicago corporate live streaming makes it a more captivating experience.

The ability to feel as if you’re at an event in person is what makes live streaming a popular method, because simple videos just don’t compare. Live streaming in Chicago, Illinois is needed to record an event or even just a product.

Depending on your platform, you can have people interact with your corporate streaming media, which helps other people on their feeds and pages see your content as well—which means that it can be far-reaching.

Other Valuable Purposes

Outside of social media, live streaming is often used for conferences and meetings. When you use Chicago corporate live streaming, people from around the world can participate.

Actually, quarterly company webcasts are often used in the corporate environment. This type of streaming live corporate events is easy to do, so when you work with a professional team, you can be sure it will be a success.

Best Practices for Chicago Corporate Video Production

First, it’s a good idea to work with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago for insights and tips.

To help you get started though, here are a few of our top tips for producing top-quality corporate video for your company. We think it’s a good idea to check out top methods and the best practices before starting your project for corporate video production.

Tip #1- Determine the purpose of your video. 

This usually happens during pre-production with the producer but it’s still a good idea to go into the project with a vision of your own so that you have clarity in what you expect from the final result.

Tip #2– Be clear and concise. 

When it comes to visuals, shorter is a good idea. High-quality video can be only a few minutes long—in fact, it should be. People are busy but they can get a whole lot of information in a short and concise video.

Tip #3- Be sure to include branding. 

When you share captivating content, you want to make sure your brand message is clear, as well as the way that viewers can reach out to you. If your identity isn’t evident in the video, it won’t be very memorable—and you don’t want that to happen.

Preparing Your Team for Corporate Video

Whether your business is in 60601, 60602, and 60106, you want everyone to be same page for production. To prepare your team for corporate video, you need to take wardrobe into account.

Dress Code

With film protocol, things like white or black tops aren’t a good idea, as well as “busy” patterns. Also, avoid logos and brand names on clothing.

In many cases, shoes and pants can be left to your choosing, although make sure that they’re suitable for the project. Makeup and hair is always a good idea.

Most of all, work on being natural on camera. Authenticity is very necessary for corporate video production–at least for a successful one.

Have Questions Ready

If you’re filming corporate testimonials, it’s necessary that you have questions ready for the people that you want to talk to. 

Questions like “How do we stand out from other options?”, “What was it like before you received our product or service?”, and “What would you tell someone who’s considering our services?” are necessary for appealing to your audience and getting them interested in your vision and company.

Hiring a Chicago Corporate Video Company

After compiling ideas, you’ll need the company to make them come to life in video. There are many options in in Chicago, Illinois, as well as Naperville, Cicero, and Oak Park, so there’s a lot of research to do.

To start, there are two things you should to keep in mind when hiring a Chicago corporate video company: video samples and responsiveness.

Video Samples

When looking for a company, check out reviews. We even suggest checking video reviews. Anyone can post anonymous, false reviews, but video is solid. But beyond reviews, you can ask for samples.

Look for consistency so that the reviews are obviously in line with the visuals that you’re seeing.


A professional company will respond within a reasonable amount of time. Many times, they can help you get a free quote for your project. That said, they should provide concise consultation that will make it easier for you and your vision. 

Look for responsiveness in communication because you want to be sure that your idea is a priority in their minds.  

Chicago Corporate Video Filming With Beverly Boy

We have done Chicago corporate video filming for over ten years, working with clients all across North Illinois to create powerful films that have reached millions of their viewers in Chicago.

We know that any production company can tell you they have corporate video services, but Beverly Boy Productions has over a decade of real life experience in corporate video filming.

Team Beverly Boy understands that sometimes you need an ad, sometimes you want a promo video, and other times you envision a corporate video- and those are not the same thing.

Knowing the difference is important, because that allows us to give you options for each different type of film so that you can choose the best one for your company. Servicing all of North Illinois, including River Grove, Evergreen Park, Evanston, and Melrose Park.

What Is Chicago Corporate Video Marketing?

Chicago Corporate video marketing is a way for you to tell your consumers about your company, and not just about the products you provide. Why does this matter?

Because corporations who take the time to open up to consumers, showing them the heart of your operation and letting them in on the visions you have for the future of your brand, create more loyal consumers.

Using corporate video marketing in Chicago reaches these consumers, quickly and efficiently, and helps them feel special by being tailored directly to your audience.

Today, more than 80 percent of corporations reach consumers in this manner, so hiring the Best Chicago corporate video production team to make such a film for you isn’t just a good idea- it’s essential for you to stay ahead of the game.

Promotional video filmed near Chicago Illinois

Vetting Chicago Corporate Video Making Companies

After you have researched the Chicago corporate video making companies that are able to handle your project, vet the ones you are most interested in.

Like we said, any company can claim the know how to take on corporate video production, but someone with real experience is needed to help you grow your brand recognition.

Regardless if you run a small business in Aurora, or you manage a coffee shop on Magnificent Mile near the shore, you want a company that has made exciting corporate videos in North Illinois.

Discuss Everything

During the interview, ask to see samples of previous corporate videos the company has made to be sure they are able to create a film that fits your vision.

Remember- you are interviewing the Chicago business video company to make sure they are the ones for you, so take your time and ask all the questions you need to make a sound decision.

Choosing Your Chicago Corporate Video Company

After you make your final decision on the Chicago corporate video company for your job, you need to have a thorough consultation with them to ensure they offer the services you need, and for the budget you have in mind.

You need to have a solid idea lined out when you speak with the Chicago corporate video company, and going in with a list of services you think it will take to turn that idea into a masterpiece saves time for both you and the Chicago corporate video makers.

Be sure to list out everything you need- from scouting locations to setting up green screen sets- and get a solid budget for the entire production, as well as a timeline for it to be completed. That way, there will be no unexpected costs or delays when you start filming.

How To Monitor Chicago Corporate Film Production Companies

It won’t be hard to understand that Chicago corporate film production companies are efficient, organized, and experience in filming corporate video. If you are working with the company that does not seem to be organized or experienced, you might need to choose another one.

When the filming process occurs, you should always be kept in the loop and be told what’s going on at all times. If you are not, that is a red flag that something could be wrong with the production.

A company that has experience in the Chicago corporate film production industry knows that keeping clients happy is the way to film a successful, streamlined film, and they will work with you every step of the way and get your input.

When tackling this type of video production, you will definitely want to work with people who are qualified to handle your job, because this is an investment for your company.

So, you should keep an eye on the production process at all times, and if the company you have hired will not communicate with you, it is time to look at hiring a new company.

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How To Use your Chicago Business Video Production

When the production is complete, you will have an intriguing Chicago business video production that you will want to share with all of your consumers, both current and future, to entice them into supporting your business.

But if you don’t know what to do with the film, how will they see it? When you are choosing your production company, be sure to ask them if they offer services to show the film to your audience.

Most companies will, providing you with the option to show it on air through television, on the web, or even by offering it as a video that you show on Loop in your office.

The Takeaway

Either way, most companies will be able to get your film to your audience and utilizing your new Chicago business video production is going to be the easiest step in the entire process.

You will be able to have your film seen by thousands of people at one time, not only in the city of Chicago, but worldwide. This happens with little to no effort on your part, which means video is an investment that you definitely need to consider.

We hope this guide will help you understand more about Chicago corporate video production insights. Go ahead and reach out to us if you want to know more about this process. We’d love to help you out!