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Top Benefits of Producing Video Case Studies of Financial Services Marketing

For entrepreneurs and marketers that operate in the financial services industries, video marketing can have tremendous benefits. Not only does the use of video drive long-term gain across a variety of metrics in internet marketing, it can boost consumer confidence levels and improve audience interest resulting in higher overall conversions for the financial services brand. Producing video case studies of financial services marketing metrics and core successes achieved between a financial services brand and its customers can be a powerful means of building trust, satisfaction, and consumer confidence, too.

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In fact, these are just a few of the top benefits that many financial services brands we’ve worked with have managed to achieve with video case studies. At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients achieve many other key successes as a result of their decisions to create captivating video marketing media. Just consider these amazing benefits that financial brands have achieved with video case studies and, when you’re ready to hit the successes for your own brand, give us a call!

1. Increase Brand Recognition & Get Under Google’s Radar

Producing Video Case Studies of Financial Services Marketing can be a powerful way of getting under Google’s radar for your brand. Not only does Google absolutely love video, but since consumers prefer video products you can generally boost your brand recognition by choosing to promote over video versus other forms of media such as written text or still photos alone.

The use of video case studies as part of your marketing mix can help you increase your Google rankings, moving your financial services brand further up the search results and ultimately even taking the first page or the coveted first position on the page which gains up to 80% of all traffic for a designated search term.

2. Engage Prospects with Branded Video Overviews & Studies


It doesn’t matter if you’re producing a case study that focuses specifically on the brand, the products or services offered by the brand, or essential elements of the financial services industry, you’re bound to engage prospects more thoroughly and willingly if you’re utilizing case study videos.

Case study videos that incorporate the use of animated text and graphics, solid statistics and facts, engaging live-action videos and various other key techniques that are common to today’s professional video production environment are more engaging than any other form of content on the web. Consumers seek case study videos to help them better understand brands and the core offering behind them.

3. Humanize Your Brand & Business

Producing Video Case Studies of Financial Services Marketing is an excellent opportunity to humanize your brand or business. When it comes to promoting financial services, people want to feel safe, comfortable, and in-control of the services and solutions that are offered to them by financial services brands. If your brand doesn’t come across as trustworthy, or if it appears that it may not be operated by a team that the consumer can resonate with, you could lose audience interest.

Fortunately, video is one of the best ways to boost audience trust in your brand. Even if your financial services brand comes across as distant or only available online, having branded case study videos that represent the core business and show off the people behind the brand is a great way of improving the overall trust factor, warming the audience, and increasing the relatability of the business to the audience.

4. Showcase Brand Identity & Build Authority

As a financial services business, authority is essential to building a relationship with your core audience. Fortunately, producing Video Case Studies of Financial Services Marketing and the tactics that have worked for your business or brand is a great way of proving to the target audience that your brand is one that can be trusted as an authority in the industry.

5. Support Marketing Campaigns & Drive Sales

Case study have been used by sales teams for decades, the only real difference now is that today’s busy brands are using case study videos instead. These videos showcase consumer relationships with your brand, the successes that you’ve been able to achieve, and the results that your clients have been afforded as a result of working with your financial services programs. Producing Video Case Studies of Financial Services Marketing is an excellent opportunity to support your marketing and sales teams.

Both departments can easily use case study videos to extend their reach, boost audience engagement, and increase trust among the consumers they present to generating higher confidence and overall increase in sales conversions. This is one of the many ways that you can utilize case study videos as a financial services brand in order to grow your business and accelerate your conversions and sales.

At Beverly Boy Productions we’ve personally worked with many different brands in the financial services industry and we understand the challenges that you may face in building consumer confidence and trust in your products or services. We’ll help you produce Video Case Studies of Financial Services Marketing initiatives and the core successes that your business has achieved so that you can present your brand to your audience in a way that fuels growth, drives engagement, and boosts audience trust. Give us a call to learn more.