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Tips for Creating Commercial Advertising Video Clips People Will Want to Watch

If you’re making a video for your business, the number one most important factor to consider is, “Will people WANT to watch this?” Why is that so important? Well, because without viewers, your video becomes a space saver on your website, social media page or elsewhere on the web. Follow these tips for creating commercial advertising video clips people will want to watch on social media, your website or anywhere video is found online.

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Hook them From the Start

Start your commercial advertising video clip with a strong hook. You need to hook the viewer within the first few seconds of the video or else you’ll miss out.

The average viewer will literally only give your video about 3-5 seconds at most before they scroll past. If you don’t hook them in this time, they won’t watch the rest of the commercial advertising clip and they certainly won’t see your key message.

What can you do to catch their attention? Consider a pop question or random information that makes people intrigued to want to hear or see more. Use this wisely as you create video clips that grab the viewer in the first few seconds and then deliver with powerfully engaging content that keeps them around.

Target Really Well

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The next important tip to help you create commercial advertising videos that really work is to target really well. You need to closely know your audience and what they crave. You need to understand the tiny intricacies of your target audience and be able to connect emotionally with them in seconds.

As you write the content for your commercial video, focus on the pain points of your target audience and the direct feelings that they have. They MUST resonate with what you are saying or else they will not stick around.

Consider writing the first draft, revising, and then asking for some feedback before rewriting and revising again. Do this at least two or three times before you produce your video clips.

End with a Punch

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Once you hook your audience and get them interested in what you have to say, then you deliver an emotional punch that keeps them engaged throughout the middle of the video, the only thing left to do is produce a killer ending that pounds the call to is in so that the viewer compelled to do whatever it is you instruct of them.

Your commercial video clip should engage the viewer right up until the call to action that asks them to do something. Whether it’s asking them to buy your product, call your number, book an appointment, or watch another video, if you have succeeded with the first steps in producing a great commercial advertising video clip, then this step should follow suit.

Keep Three Options

When considering the ending of your clip, consider at least three options. This way you can try each ending out and visually see which one works the best. You may even want to create a video clip for each that includes a different ending.

This way you have three separate videos to work with and you can try each with your audience.

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