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Producing the Most Creative Video Introductions & Interviews

Producing an interview or introduction about yourself, whether it’s for a job or to represent who you are as part of your business “About Us” page is a challenge that many professionals face. While there are many creative ways to create an interview video that you can use to showcase the expertise behind your business or brand, you might find it challenging to figure out exactly where and how to start. Fortunately, there are some strategies that seem to work quite well when it comes to producing self-introduction videos or interview videos. These creative video introductions and interviews are a great starting point to get your ideas flowing.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we believe in the power of first impressions, and a great introduction is everything! If you want your audience to engage, appreciate what you say, and stick around for the rest of your interview video, you’re going to have to capture their attention at the very beginning. This means you’re going to need to produce the most creative video interviews and introductions.

Checkout these ideas that are going to instantly win over your audience so that you can focus less of your time on how to get your audience to listen and more on sharing the core details that make up your business or brand.

Open with a Bold Statement

Bold statements, especially those that are a little bit controversial, are a great way to grab audience attention. In fact, if you want to create an interview video for your brand, one of the most creative ways you can go about it is to start with a bold and slightly controversial statement about yourself. Mention something that is slightly off, unusual, or otherwise unlikely so that as soon as you say it your audience is going to perk up and listen.

Try Metaphorically Speaking

Interview videos are often so heavy on the detail and data that they either grab the attention of the viewer or they leave the viewer wishing for more. One of the ways that you can get creative with your video introductions and interviews is through the use of metaphors or the combining of pictures and text to deliver the intended thought or idea to the audience.

For example, if you’re a laid back kind of person, you might introduce yourself in the video by sharing an image of someone relaxing at the beach or you might show someone that is calmly hanging out with friends if you’re friendly. If you’re a boss, that’s trying to be creative with a video introduction in an interview, you might use leadership metaphors such as “The Juggler” showing someone juggling many things which represents your role and the many tasks that you have.

Metaphors can be used to help people understand who you are and the nature of your being. Just be careful  because metaphors can also be misinterpreted in some cases.

Ask a Question that Sparks Interest – and Answer It

Another great way that you can be creative with your video introduction in an interview is to ask a question that is going to immediately spark the interest of your audience. For example, if you’re a leader that loves your job and wants to share that with your team you might ask, “have you ever considered what you would be if you could be anything you wanted in life?.” Likewise, if you’re someone that is environmentally conscious, you might introduce yourself with a question about the planet, such as, “Did you know we cut down 15B trees per year?”

Asking questions that imply you know the answer and you’re going to share that answer with the audience can be a great way to lead into creative video introductions and interviews. Just make sure that the question you ask sparks audience excitement, piques their interest, and ties in with whatever you’re about to say.

Be Humorous and Share a Joke

Some of the most memorable and creative video introductions and interviews are those that open up seemingly as a joke. There’s just something about laughing with your audience that will make them more likely to stick around and hear you out regardless of what they have to say. Just remember, some topics are too concerning or “real” for humor. Know when humor is acceptable and when it’s not.

Use Repetition to Your Advantage

If you’re still struggling to find creative video introductions and interviews, repetition can go a long way in inciting the following of your audience or a crowd for that matter. Repeating a key phrase or particular quote, whether it’s a single word or a full sentence can have an amazing impact on the audience and their desire to stay focused on the key message that is being shared. We saw Steve Jobs use repetition in his speech to Stanford in 2005 when he would reiterate at the very end, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”  This use of repetition can have a profound effect on the audience and will drive home the message that you’re inciting with your interview.