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How Long Should My Promotional Video Be?

Promotional video production varies widely based on the type of promotion and the industry. Some promotional videos are best kept to 15 seconds. Especially those delivered on social media platforms. However, the average length for a promotional video is between 15 and 30 seconds long. Follow along as we answer the common question, “How long should my promotional video be?”

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Distribution of Promotional Video

First off, the length of your promotional video content will depend on where you intend to distribute it. Distributing promotional videos on television allows for a bit longer of a promotion, up to 45 seconds, whereas the average promotional video is just 15-30 seconds online.

If you intend to distribute your promotional video at an exhibit or conference, you can make the content a little bit longer than you would for an online promotional video. Generally, these videos carry a captive audience and will keep the viewer engaged a bit longer, therefore they can be slightly more in-depth.

Promotions that are played on social media tend to be under 30 seconds on average. You have a lot more distraction and a lot more competition that is vying for audience attention in these cases so you’ll need to keep your promo short and sweet.

Likewise, website promotional videos can be slightly longer but shouldn’t go overboard. These promotional videos generally do best at 45 seconds or less.

Type of Promotion

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The type of promotional video that you are creating also plays a role in the total length that is acceptable. Promotional videos that deliver key details about a product or service should generally keep the information short and robust. An average of 15 to 30 seconds is best so that you don’t lose your audience’s interest.

Likewise, if your promotion tells a story, you can get away with a slightly longer approach but be careful as this method poses the risk of losing the audience if they can’t resonate with your story early on.

Talking head videos allow for a slighting longer promotional delivery. Reviewing a product or service with a talking head allows for up to one minute of content but keep it powerful and engaging.

Likewise, if you’re delivering a promotional video that explains something specific about your product or service, you’re going to need to deliver the details in under 30 seconds to keep user interest.

Audience Behavior

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Finally, the behavior of your audience will play a role in how long your promotional video should be. An audience that is young will likely have a shorter attention span. Consider a shorter promotional video for audience members that are young.

For a more mature audience, you can possibly get away with a slightly longer promotion as long as you take care to keep the viewers interested and engaged for the duration.

The amount of time that you use to deliver your promotional video content depends on a variety of factors as discussed above. For help creating the perfect promotional video content for your fans, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to help you get started.

Here’s an Example of a Promotional Video Produced by Beverly Boy Productions: