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Construction Video Production Tips & Tricks for Lead Generation

The construction industry is a powerful market but without leads, generating revenue in this business is challenging. Video is the number one form of content shared online today. If you’re running a construction business and you’re not sharing construction videos on your website, social media profiles and landing pages, you’re really missing out on a lot of opportunities. These construction video production tips and tips will help you maximize lead generation for your construction business.

construction crew networking

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Share Your Story

construction story of two workers

You got into construction for a reason. Whether it was because it ran in your family and your grandfather was a builder as was your father, or you found yourself in the construction industry because you just loved to build, you’ve got a story. Share your construction story with your audience.

Construction videos that focus on sharing the true story of how your brand came about are most likely to resonate with your audience and generate leads. A personal touch and a human element will drive leads. With 80% of internet traffic consisting of video, storytelling is where your next generation of construction leads begins.

Customer Testimonials

The construction industry is plagued by poor performance, but not all construction workers or businesses are bad. In fact, many are excellent! So how can you generate more leads with videos that gain consumer trust? Consider customer testimonials that show your audience how great your business is.

Customer testimonial videos can be used on your sales pages, in your emails, and on social media to boost trust in your brand. Consider customer testimonials from each phase or stage of construction your business provides so that you can deliver content that resonates with a wider audience.

How-to Videos

construction crew for how-to video footage

You sold homes, now you have customers that are interested in learning how to do things around their house like hang curtains, or fix a small plumbing issue.

Construction videos that deliver how-to content to help new homeowners succeed at homeownership and maintenance are a great opportunity to build value for your brand and show your customers you care about their needs.

How-to videos can also generate leads. Whenever a customer watches a video that focuses on fixing a problem that is out of their league they will feel compelled to call the professional–you.

Turn to Team Beverly Boy

Following these various tips and tricks to use construction video production to get to your customers is a great way to begin generating leads for your business right away.

Need help producing powerful construction videos for your business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll help you create construction videos that guide customers to your brand and generate substantial leads for your business.