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8 Best Practices for a Recruiting Video that Will Fill Your Positions

Today’s fast-paced environment makes finding talent both easier than ever, and harder than ever at the same time. A wealth of social media and online recruiting platforms makes it easy to find people all over the world. However, this also means you face competition from those hiring all over the world.

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Filling your positions fast requires recruitment videos that show off your company in a way that communicates all the great reasons for someone to say “YES” to an interview. But how? Follow these 8 best practices for recruiting video production that will fill your positions–fast.

1.  Prepare in Pre-Production

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Pre-production for a recruitment video or, any form of video really, is a time of planning, and you can’t plan enough when it comes to creating recruitment videos. The recruiting video is essentially just a marketing video that will show off your skills and best benefits to prospective employees.

In pre-production, prepare to understand your prospects in a way that will help you deliver a video that will make sure they can’t help but to say yes to getting hired.

Consider learning what your employees look for when seeking work, what they like, what they want, what they need. Research the reasons your actually employees enjoy working for you. Make sure you prepare to explain all of this in your recruitment video.

2.  Create Visuals

Your recruitment video should be built around visuals. This way, prospective employees can visualize what it will be like to work with you and for you. Consider showing shots of what the company does, where it is located, how people work within the company, and what it’s like to work with others there. The feeling should be exciting and energizing.

3.  Share Culture

Your company surely has a corporate culture that is welcoming and fun to those who are a part of it. Share it! Prominently featuring your culture so that those who apply to work with you can see that being part of the company is about more than just going to work everyday will make it seem fun and more inviting to say “YES” to an interview.

Consider a recruitment video that will  help viewers understand the following details about your company:

  • Who the company is.
  • What it’s like to work there.
  • What day-to-day operations are like.
  • What the office looks like.
  • What the employees are like.
  • What missions you stand for.
  • How employees interact.

Show off your culture and have people speak on the video about the culture in a way that will attract others to the position.

4.  Tell What the Company Does

Showing off what the company does will help those who may not quite be sure if they should apply to understand whether this role might be right for them. If your company stands up for women, show it. If they work with children or seniors, show it.

If there are minority groups that are reflected at the company, show it. Telling how your company operates, what they do and who they help will bring more attraction to your recruitment videos.

5.  Keep it Short

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A great recruitment video will be about 3 minutes long. Don’t try to cram everything you’ve ever done into a single video. Instead, answer some major questions and show what makes the company a great place to work. Save the rest for an interview.

Resisting the urge to include everything under the sun will ensure you keep a clean, vibrant slate. Recruiting videos should highlight the broad picture, motivate a candidate to learn more, and include a call to action that encourages an application–that’s it!

6.  Be Informational & Fun

Don’t be strictly informational as this will bore viewers. Add some fun to your video so that potential prospects will enjoy learning what you have to offer.

Viewers want to understand your company and what it would feel like to be a part of it. Try to convey the success of your business in a fun and uplifting manner that is not overly informational or lagging on excitement.

7.  Stick to Budget

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When you prepare to produce recruiting videos, make sure you have a defined budget and you’re prepared to stick to it. Production values should remain high, and the budget should be able to justify the process. As you prepare a budget, consider the value of the video. The goal is to hire people that will stick around and be with you for the long haul. The budget should reflect that goal.

8.  Avoid Clichés

Potential candidates don’t want to hear the cliché things you have to say about working at your business. Of course the CEO thinks the business is great, but why? Try to avoid using phrases or words that have little meaning. Things like benchmark, balance, work life balance, work hard play hard, empower, and outside the box are so overused they mean nothing to viewers anymore. Avoid the use of clichés that don’t add value to your video.