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We provide religious communities with video content for choir concerts, plays, and live streaming of church services for houses of worship everywhere. Church video production in New York is a growing practice. Video content is exceedingly popular with church marketing firms, with things like live church streaming and recorded services archives. According to the Pew Research Center, over 35% of American "say" they go to church weekly when, in reality, only half of them are actually attending their church services. Additionally, a church marketing consultant can benefit your church by ensuring growth and sustainability. As a video marketing agency, teams at Beverly Boy look forward to promoting your church with top-notch content and equipment. If you are looking to reach your parishioners, look no further than Beverly Boy Productions. We are the New York church video production company for you!

Church Marketing in New York

There are plenty of faith-based marketing companies in New York to work with, but not all of them are familiar with parishioner growth and church marketing like our teams at Beverly Boy. Our experience with church video production is so extensive, we know exactly what equipment we need to use for your project, such as a church live-streaming event. We know what can make your church stand out above the rest and ultimately succeed, benefiting both you and your church attendees. Whether you are a mega-church streaming live church services or a smaller church recording of a Christmas play, Beverly Boy Productions is the New York church video production company that can produce whatever project you might have.

Benefits of Church Video Production

There are many benefits to using church video production in New York. One of the many benefits is sharing events that make your church stand out as a community, which is pivotal in attracting new members. You can then use your production for marketing purposes, and pursue further church videography such as a live church service online or a video for Sunday school. With how popular the Internet is, reaching your current and potential churchgoers can be crucial for your church's success. This can allow new members to join your church family thanks to a widely-used, convenient service that we can help you build. As a New York church video production company, we can help you broaden your community and promote your church's success.

New York, a great city to film

As a New York Church Video Production company, we know where all the great religious sites are. The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, built in 1873, features ornate, stained-glass windows and an enormous ceiling with an abundance of historical facets, making it loved by history buffs and churchgoers alike. Film an event in this beautifully-historic site, or shoot a church live stream at the St. George's Episcopal Church on East 16th Street. Contrasting with the gothic architecture of the St. Thomas Church, the St. George's Episcopal Church features gorgeous Romanesque architecture and breathtaking greenery all around, and even a small park beside it. Whichever location you are interested in filming at, New York holds some of the most beautiful sites in the country. You can count on us to use one of these fantastic sites as a top-notch backdrop.

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    Camera Gear

    Filming in 1080P, 4k- 6K and 8K NTSC and PAL

    • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    • Blackmagic 4K
    • Canon Cinema EOS C300
    • Sony FS7 4K XDCAM
    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
    Camera Crews

    Professional Camera Crews

    • Restaurant/Food Service
    • Law Firm/Legal
    • Television Production
    • Reality Show Production
    • Medical/Healthcare
    • TV Commercial Production
    • Promotional Video Production
    • Corporate Video Production
    • Testimonials/Interviews
    Projects We Produce
    • Industrial Videos
    • Video Marketing
    • Live Stream/Webcasting
    • Conference/Trade Show
    • Animation/Explainer Videos
    • School/University/Education
    • Business Video Production

    Our Video Production Work

    Sit back and enjoy our productions.

    During the first step of your journey with Beverly Boy Productions, you will contact us as your New York church video production company for your faith-based video marketing services. You will then meet with one of our team members for an initial consultation. This is where we will discuss your plans for your innovative project. Whether you are interested in live or recorded video content, we can prepare top-notch equipment with a phenomenal team ready to produce your project. After your project has been filmed and edited, you will be contacted for any final changes. This way you are 100% satisfied with your project result. After that, the footage is yours to share with your audience! It's that simple!



      Drop us a line, we'll get back to you ASAP!