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Top Charlotte video production insights 2024 – Trends On The Rise

The video trends that are quickly becoming popular in 2024 are going to change how companies use film to tell their story to their viewers. Previously, only about 61 percent of companies used video marketing campaigns to bring in more consumers, but this year that total is over 80 percent. This means that you simply can’t afford not to hire a top Charlotte video production company to produce a moving video campaign for your company. When selecting the Charlotte video production agency you wish to hire, check out the trends we are sure will be around for a while to make sure the company you have chosen can incorporate them into your next production.

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Using A Video Production To Interest Consumers

One of the most popular trends that we are seeing in film campaigns today is specializing film for the customer. For example, a full-service Charlotte video production company will help you create intriguing video content that you will place on your website, and then a consumer will visit your site and enter their information on a form there, or into an app that is connected to your site. The information is then used to tailor the video production to the customer so they feel like you are speaking to them, which fosters a deeper connection with that customer. If you feel like this is a service that your business can benefit from, you should be sure you hire a video producer that knows website video production.

Building Your Story line In A Video Production Studio

In the past, Charlotte video marketing companies have built corporate video campaigns using one longer film, but in 2024, we are getting more and more storylines being built in a number of smaller films that last less than a minute, in most cases. No matter if you have a business in Mecklenburg County, or an advertising agency on South Tryon Street in Center City, you need to make the smart move of hiring a company that knows digital marketing in Southern North Carolina. This will allow you to reach more people, because these films can be shared on social media, but it also helps you create intrigue because you can build up the drama throughout the films, at once.

You will want to work with a video production studio to create these short films, though, because just a video company won’t have the space or equipment required to keep these films consistent. You need continuity throughout the films, which means you need a solid set. That requires you to work with a full service video production studio.

Find Hybrid Video Production Services in Charlotte

It is important, of course, to make sure your consumers are both engaged to and entertained, but you also want to give them something that makes them come back for more. To do this, you can try hybrid video production services. Hybrid video production basically means combining live events with video components.

Live streams are becoming more and more popular, so having a Top Charlotte video production company that knows how to handle streaming and webcasting is important, but you also need a Charlotte production house that can help create video elements, such as call to action chyron or lower third, that can be posted within the stream and show up in the bottom of your screen. You can also do webcast streaming while having a lower-third graphic inset that directs consumers to visit a website or to call in.

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Find Film Production Companies That Produce Micro-Films

It may be the age of information, but consumers want that information quickly. You may have noticed that there are a number of videos that play on social media feeds, and those videos last 15 seconds or less. These are known as micro films and while you may not think that these short films allow much time for corporate videos, Charlotte film production companies are creating these micro films for companies all over the area. If this is a trend that you want to use, top film production companies in Charlotte that have specialized in creating micro films for social media sites is where you want to start your search. These films are most often seen on social media, and that is where most users will view them, so working with a creative agency who understands not only how they are made, but also that they are valuable, is a way to bring new video marketing tools to your company in 2024.

Work With a Charlotte Production Company That Knows Live Video

A trend that you have no doubt seen by now is the live videos that are particularly popular on social media. For 2024, that same idea is catching on with corporations and setting those who use it apart from the rest. Of course, doing a live video from your phone may not seem like something that a professional company should do, but you can choose to work with a Charlotte production company that will do the live interviews for you. If you choose to work with a production company, they will simply help you set up a live stream as you work with an interviewer or another member on your staff to speak directly to your audience by telling them a story, while pointing out the things that they can expect to see from your company in the future, or other pertinent information that you think they will find of interest.

Consumers really like live videos from corporations because it gives them a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes of their favorite companies, and it makes you seem approachable. You should plan to do these films often so that you can reach your consumers frequently, and using a Top Charlotte video production company that is close to you will be of use because they will be available for you when you need them.

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Select a Charlotte Video Production Agency That Knows About Blogging

When you consider a Charlotte video production agency, you probably first think of film. Does blogging ever enter your mind? Probably not, but today’s videos are combining blogs and film to tell a more in-depth and interesting story. Some of the top production companies in Charlotte are helping corporations create short films that will direct an audience to a website, and once there, the consumer can see more films that are pasted inside the blog post.

Companies that utilize blogs have a stronger following because consumers like to read up-to-date blogs about companies, and not just their services or products. Today’s consumer also wants to be entertained in a quick fashion, so when you use video you are giving them both things that they want. Working with a skilled video production agency can help you use this trend to build a fun blog with video and a stronger consumer base.

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Beverly Boy Productions Charlotte

When you are deciding on which Top Charlotte video production company you want to hire to help you create your next powerful corporate video campaign, you will not simply search for “production companies near me.” That is too easy and will lead you to companies that may not know all the latest trends in corporate videos. You want to stay ahead of the game, so you want to hire a team like Beverly Boy Productions, who knows how to keep you trendy while also getting your message to your customers in an efficient manner.

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