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9 Benefits of Using the Charlotte Film Commission as a Top Resource

The Charlotte Regional Film Commission represents the top resource for filmmakers that come to the city of Charlotte to produce a variety of films. Providing support to filmmakers through everything from applications for film permitting and acceptance to easy access to a digital location database that represents all of the key filming locations available throughout Charlotte, NC, the regional Film Commission is your go-to resource for filmmaking. We’ve listed several of the great benefits that come from using the Charlotte Film Commission as a top resource, below.

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1. Film Applications & Permits

Filming in Charlotte requires a permit for most forms of commercial production. The Charlotte Film Commission provides access to film applications and permits to make your job of securing the appropriate acceptance to film in an area, fast and simple.

Visit the website for online access to the film permit application.

2. Location Scouting Services

Need help finding the perfect location in Charlotte for your film? Whether you’ve got a location in mind or you’ve just got a particular vision or idea for a scene, the Film Commission can assist you.

The location scouting services by region provide ease of access to the city and can assist in a variety of location scouting steps.

3. Crew Support

Need to hire a film crew while you’re in Charlotte? The Charlotte Regional Film Commission provides instant access to crew and various other logistics needs. The goal is to make filmmaking easy and accessible for anyone interested in coming to the city!

4. Liaison Between Federal, State & Local Governments

Whether you need crowd control, street closures, or various other specialty support while filming in Charlotte, the local film commission is your liaison.

They’ll communicate your filmmaking needs to the appropriate authorities or local governments to ensure safe, and efficient filmmaking takes place.

5. Incentives & Tax Credits

The Charlotte Regional Film Commission has all of the most up to date information on local incentives and tax credits that are available to filmmakers that bring their productions to Charlotte.

For information on film grants, and generous incentives that may be available to support you, contact the local commission.

6. Equipment & Logistics

Whether you need to rent a crane for a day, you’re looking to purchase a camera setup, or you need grip gear for a week, the Film Commission represents many local film equipment suppliers and various logistics support.

Connect with the commission for information on rental equipment, sales, and logistics fulfillment.

7. Stage Support

Whether you need a soundstage or other set needs while you’re in Charlotte, the local film commission is the top resource for data. They’ll fill you in with the most up to date information and support on local stages and other filmmaking needs.

8. Educational Opportunities

Are you an aspiring filmmaker that lives in or near the Charlotte region? The Charlotte Regional Film Commission represents many local film schools and training programs and has key data on each of the programs in the area.

Connect and get insights into all of the educational opportunities available to assist you.

9. Digital Location Library

Want immediate information on a particular location in Charlotte that you’re considering for a film shoot?

The location library is available online at the Charlotte Regional Film Commission and provides 24 hours access to details on the hundreds of locations throughout Charlotte that represent unique opportunities for film shoots.

This is one of the many great benefits of the Charlotte Film Commission resource.