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9 Benefits of Using the Toronto Film Commission as a Top Resource

The Toronto Film and Television Office, frequently referred to as the Toronto Film Commission, is the top resource for filmmakers in the city. Individuals coming into Toronto to produce films will gain a variety of support services from the film commission.

Camera Crew in Toronto

From insight into local venues and what it takes to secure a shoot location to help with hiring a film crew and talent while in Toronto, these are some of the top benefits to utilize the Toronto Film & Television Office as a resource while you’re in the city.

1. Location Scouting

The Toronto Film Commission provides detailed information on the various locations and venues available throughout the city for film shoots.

The location scouting advice and support provided by the film commission is second to none and represents a key resource for visiting filmmakers.

2. Liaison Between Locals

The Toronto Film and Television Office acts as the liaison between filmmakers and locals to ensure safe, and welcoming, filmmaking.

The commission works to encourage filmmaking among the locals and helps to secure agreements and healthy relationships between the local community and the filmmakers that choose the city.

3. Location Permitting

Film permits are required for much of Toronto. For information on the permitting requirements, and to apply for a film permit online, the Toronto Film Commission is a top resource. Contact the film commission for one stop concierge film permitting

4. Shoot Planning

For guidelines, considerations, and all of the information you need for planning the logistics of a film shoot in Toronto the Film Commission is a vital resource. They’ve got information about city regulations and notifications as well as other logistical details and data.

5. Neighborhood Details

Registering a film shoot in a Toronto neighborhood requires certain steps and practices to ensure the local community is not negatively impacted. The Toronto Film Commission provides access to resident information and details to assist.

6. Talent Acquisition

Need top talent for a film shoot in Toronto? Contact the Toronto Film Commission for access to the most talented and aspiring actors and individuals interested in participating in your upcoming shoot.

7. Crew Logistics

The Commission will assist in all of your crew logistics needs including support with hiring local crew for your shoot. Whether you need a grip, or a couple of camera operators, hiring crew with the support of the film commission is a breeze – and they’re affordable, too!

8. Local Unions & Guilds

Want up to the minute details on all the local unions and guilds? The Toronto Film Commission represents all the area unions, guilds, and associations that support filmmaking and the arts. This is a great resource for filmmakers.

9. Equipment Procurement

Need filmmaking equipment while you’re in Toronto? The Toronto Film Commission can help you locate the necessary equipment for filmmaking while you’re in the city. Whether you need a rental, loan, or purchase there are several local suppliers that can provide the gear you need.