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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Camera Crew in Shanghai

Beverly Boy Productions knows that sometimes you need a film crew in a foreign country, so when you need a camera crew in Shanghai, give us a call! We are in the area and offering amazing crews to our clients, and we know that Shanghai has modern architecture, ancient structures, incredible traditions and culture, and amazing food- and we can show you all the reasons you need to hire us as your film crew here.

  1.  History

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

The history of Shanghai spans over a thousand years. It started as a small agricultural village, and developed during the late 1600s through early 1900s to become one of China’s major and important trading ports. Economic reforms in the early 1990s helped the city take off and made it one of Asia’s major financial centers and a port of importance for the entire world, so you will find a lot going on here that makes for great footage when you find a film crew in Shanghai to film with you.

  1. Yu Garden

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

Yu Garden is an extensive Chinese garden built in 1559, and opened to the public in 1961. The gardens were declared a national monument in 1982. They offer a quiet green space for people to enjoy and relax in to get away from the noisy city life. If you want to do interviews for your film, this is a great place for it, so hire a cameraman and spend some time here.

  1. Fuxing Park

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

For more parks (and Shanghai has a lot of them) you can get in some B Roll or just some relaxation time in, Fuxing Park, located in the former French Concession, is a great option. This Ming Dynasty park was once the largest park in Shanghai when it was re-opened by the French in 1909.

  1. Waitan

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

Waterfront Waitan is an area in Shanghai that features restored colonial buildings that house nightclubs, fantastic restaurants, cafes, and wonderful and diverse shopping. This is a great place to film people and a modern skyline to show that Shanghai is more modern that most people would think.

  1. People’s Square

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

People’s Square is a major transport hub and a main shopping street, so you will find lots of activities here that will make your video production in Shanghai really stand out with the footage you can capture of people just going about their business. If you need to do shopping, kill two birds with one stone and film as you browse for fashion, food, electronics, and more.

6.  Jade Buddha

Camera Crew in Shanghai

The Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple founded in 1882 with two jade Buddha statues that make it stunning and an iconic backdrop that you should include in your footage of Shanghai. Spend some time exploring and hire a videographer to get some fantastic shots of this gorgeous location.

  1. Climate

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

With a subtropical climate and a tendency to see monsoons, Shanghai’s weather has mild temps, year around, and still has four distinct seasons, with winter getting chilly and summer getting hot. You can plan the best dates for travel and filming by working with camera crews for hire in the area.

  1. Food

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

There is nothing better than great Chinese food, and you will get it in abundance here, so check out these three foods to try and enjoy food breaks from filming!
A. Xiaolongbao. The famous soup dumpling has a huge following in this city, even if it burns the mouths and tongues of newbies. This Shanghai classic is a dumpling in papery thin wrapping that is filled with soup and you are guaranteed to love it!
B. Braised eggplant. Eggplant is a huge deal in China, and the braised eggplant is one of the best dishes offered in Shanghai. Stewed in wine, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger, sugar, and chilies, this Shanghai favorite has a taste like no other eggplant dish you have ever tasted.
C. Niangao. This soft and chewy old-school treat is stir-fried with leeks and pork, and often mixed with pieces of crab- delicious!

  1. Permits

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

It is essential to book a camera crew in Shanghai that can help you get permits for filming anywhere in China, because they are required for filming anywhere. There are no city-wide permits and it can take a lot of planning to fill out proper paperwork for permits, so get it done right and hire a professional to handle this aspect for you.

  1. Shanghai Tower

    Camera Crew in Shanghai

The Shanghai Tower is a 128-story mega tall skyscraper that shows that Shanghai is expanding and outdoing its competitors in architecture and business. It ties for the title of the world’s highest observation deck within a building, and it holds the title for the world’s fastest elevators. Do you dare take the ride up to the observation deck? If so, hire a camera crew  in Shanghai for a day and get shots of the city spread out before you!