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Need to Hire an Ottawa Camera Crew? Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve been providing Ottawa camera crew services for the past few decades. Our clients immediately contact us when they need to hire a Ottawa camera crew. We’ve worked hard to gain a keen understanding of the Ottawa film industry over the years and we have learned a lot about the psychology of the people who make up the video production world. We’ll share our insight and analysis about the personnel and personalities that make up this Ottawa film community with you because we understand that in your search for the perfect crew, you need to choose wisely, as your bottom line depends on it. Need to hire an Ottawa Camera Crew? Here’s what you need to know.

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Need to Hire a Ottawa Camera Crew for a day: Experience is Top-Priority.

Looking to hire a Ottawa camera crew for a day to help streamline your video project? It is important to look for a few key components and skills, and experience is one of the most important attributes to find in a cinematographer, or director of photography.

A crew that embraces challenges

Having a Ottawa DP who understands camera angles and lenses, but can also direct and manage crew is beneficial to any project you may have in mind. An experienced Ottawa camera crew knows how to anticipate a disaster before it even happens.

They have been around the block a time or two and they have made some mistakes. They can use this knowledge to help you because they understand the importance of your project, and they are willing to do what is necessary to “get the shot.” A professional Ottawa camera crew is your best friend when you are in the thick of it.

If you are looking to hire a Ottawa camera crew for a day, look for experience, first and foremost.

Don’t rent a Ottawa camera crew that’s ready to get started, but not experienced.

BBP camera crew 1-10

When looking to rent a Ottawa camera crew you will certainly come across the young, energetic and fresh out of film school crew. This camera operator wants to build his or her demo reel, with not much experience to their name, but they are hungry to make a name in this industry.

The challenge with this option is the amount of risk involved. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we do fully understand that, but clients have to decide how much risk they can make when they need to hire a Ottawa camera crew.

In some cases, clients have a fixed budget and deadline, and they can’t afford to “do it again” if it doesn’t work out the first time around.

You need to decide carefully.

We have clients who came to us after doing business with a cheap or inexpensive videographer in Ottawa. who lacked any substantial experience, and because of that, they could not deliver on what the client expected. This does not mean that the camera operator had bad intentions with the client, rather that they may not have been ready to produce a project of this magnitude.

On the flip side, Beverly Boy Productions has worked with some of the most talented young camera operators. If you need to hire a Ottawa camera crew remember, everyone deserves a fair shot, so you need to decide carefully.

Don’t hire a Ottawa video crew with Too much sauce!

When looking to hire a Ottawa video crew you will definitely run into the “Know it all” at some point. They say they have been in the business for almost half a century and they have filmed all over the world, shooting interviews for US presidents and celebrities alike. They are always being asked to collab on million dollar projects, and their client list is a mile long!

Our clients have found this level of cinematographer too often too difficult to work with and not willing to take direction, which made the project very difficult to produce.

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Talented, but not worth the trouble.

The crew doesn’t do well with client collaboration and they don’t listen to the client’s needs. They may seem to have lost their passion, and their creativity is in a rut. They even seem to communicate with an attitude.

This is not to say that all 30 year vets in this industry have this approach, because we have worked with many who were exemplary, but when you are looking to hire a Ottawa video crew, this is one scenario that you may run into- and it’s best to be prepared.

Ottawa Video Production Crew: Almost Amazing!

Beverly Boy film crew green screen

When you go searching for the right Ottawa video production crew, you may run into the vendor who has a good bit of experience, and has gotten it figured out. They are very good at what they do and their work is beautiful. They are at the height of their career, but they are still very passionate about filmmaking.

They are eager to talk with you about the latest camera gear and other equipment, and we love this type of cinematographer! They are great to work with on any Ottawa video production crew.

Too busy for a call.

The issue that our clients have found with this vendor is that they are almost too busy! They cannot return your call right away because they are shooting for another client and project. If you send an email, they don’t reply until they have wrapped their current shoot. They can’t jump on that conference call because they are setting up for a new project.

Our clients feel that these vendors are awesome, but too hard to reach, and they are more interested in the creative side, rather than the business.

Ottawa Camera Crew Services: Never too busy for our clients

When it comes to looking for top Ottawa camera crew services, remember that our producers are never too busy to call you back and answer your questions. In fact, we make it a point to correspond with you as soon as possible because we know this project is a priority for you, and we want to ensure that your questions are answered before moving forward.

We love a challenge! Every time the phone rings, we get excited about what new adventure may be on the other end of the phone for us. Our clients come back to us for their projects because we provide among the best Ottawa camera crew services in the industry.

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How do I find a Ottawa camera crew

How do I find a Ottawa camera crew is one of the common questions asked. If you are searching online for “film crews near me” or “looking for Ottawa camera crew” you will likely run into the above scenarios at some point in your search.

If you are wondering what does a film crew consist of, feel free to search our blog. We have an extensive film crew glossary for you to peruse.

Gordon Garreau on set with Raul team Beverly Boy

No surprises here!

Need to Hire a Ottawa Camera Crew? You can’t afford to have any mishaps because that could negatively affect the entire production. You need the project to be on budget and on time. It is important that all of the financial needs, cancellation policies, and other logistics are spelled out in the beginning and they are clear and concise.

You need a Ottawa camera crewing company to provide you with capable and confident HD camera crews for your important projects- and that is just what we do! Drop us a line today- we are eager to provide a solution for your Ottawa camera crew needs