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March 10, 2021

Need to Hire a Kansas City Camera Crew? Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve been providing Kansas City camera crew services for over 20 years. We have clients that know they can depend on our team when they need to hire a Kansas City camera crew. Throughout the years, we’ve gained an understanding of the people in the Kansas City film industry, and the overall film production world. We have insights from our clients, and the personalities and people that make up the Kansas City film community. We know that in your search for a crew, you’ll want to choose wisely, as the end result of your project depends on it.

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Need to Hire a Kansas City Camera Crew for a day: Experience is Everything!

If you’re looking to hire a Kansas City camera crew for a day to help streamline your video project, you’ll want to consider a few things. Experience is one of the most important aspects found in a cinematographer, or director of photography. Having a Kansas City DP who gets lighting as well as they understand lenses, but can also direct talent and manage crew is key to the success of any project.

A crew that embraces challenges

An experienced Kansas City camera crew will know how to prevent a disaster before it even happens. They have been on the job and have made the mistakes already. They know how important your project is and why it’s necessary to do what it takes to “get the shot.”

A professional Kansas City camera crew is the friend you need when you’re in the trenches. Basically, if you want to succeed when you hire a Kansas City camera crew for a day, make sure they have experience.

Don’t rent a Kansas City camera crew that’s rearing to go but not prepared.  

Videographer Prepping Camera Gear 145

When looking to rent a Kansas City camera crew you will most likely come across the eager, energetic, and passionate individual fresh out of film school. This camera operator is looking to get his or her demo reel going but they may not have that much experience, and are hungry to make a name in the industry.

The issue here is that there is a bit of risk involved. While everyone has to start somewhere, clients need to calculate that risk when they need to hire a Kansas City camera crew. In some cases a client has a set budget, and they won’t be able to simply “do it again” if things go haywire the first time.

You will need to choose carefully.

We have had several clients who have come to us after they have worked with a cheap or inexpensive videographer in Kansas City, who lacked experience, and because of that was unable to deliver the type of content they wanted. This isn’t because the camera operator had bad intentions, it simply means that they hadn’t yet work on such a demanding project.

On the flip side, at Beverly Boy Productions, our team has seen a lot of talented young camera operators in action. If you need to hire a Kansas City camera crew remember, everyone has to start somewhere and some talent just has it, right out of the gate, so you’ll want to choose carefully.

Don’t hire a Kansas City video crew with Too much sauce!

Videographer Prepping Camera Gear 142

As you look for hire a Kansas City video crew you will find there’s a type that is known as the “Know it all”. They may have been in the industry for “nearly a century.” They have captured footage around the world, filmed interviews for various US presidents and captured high-budget projects.

At times, clients find this level of cinematographer challenging to work with as they are often unable to take direction. Some clients say this makes their project a challenge to produce.

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Talented, but not worth the hassle.

The crew doesn’t listen and tells clients how the job should be done, with no room for collaboration. They don’t seem to have the passion and creativity needed for this job and when it comes to communication, they do so with attitude.

That doesn’t mean that everyone who has been in the industry has this approach, as we’ve worked with some amazing industry veterans, but when searching to hire a Kansas City video crew, this is one scenario to consider.

Kansas City Video Production Crew: Nearly Amazing!

livestreaming video production company

As you look to find the best Kansas City video production crew, you may run into someone with 5-10 years’ experience, and has it figured out. They are in their prime and great at what they do. They create beautiful results and their passion for filmmaking shows in their work. They appreciate talking about the process and discussing the latest camera gear, and equipment.

We appreciate this kind of cinematographer! They are a dream to work with on any Kansas City video production crew.

Too busy for an important conference call.

However, the issue here is that this type of person is super busy! They may not be able to return your call as soon as needed, because they’re busy filming for someone else. If you shoot them an email, they may reply once they’ve finished with their client. They may be in the middle of a shoot when you want to have an important conference call.

Our clients know that these vendors are ideal but they can be hard to lock down, and could be more interested in what they’re creating and less in the business.

Kansas City Camera Crew Services: Available For You

When it comes to top Kansas City camera crew services, our producers are able to take your call and talk about the various project elements you have in mind. We want to get back to you as soon as possible with your query. We know that this project is your number one priority, so we want to make sure you get the answers you seek.

We love challenges, so when the phone rings, we look forward to what type of new adventure we may get into.

Our clients know that we’re here to work diligently for them which is why they come back to us again and again for quality Kansas City camera crew services in the industry.

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How do I find a Kansas City camera crew

How do I find a Kansas City camera crew is a question that is often asked. If you are searching online for “film crews near me” or “looking for Kansas City camera crew” you will more than likely come across various scenarios.

If you are wondering what does a film crew consist of, feel free to search our blog. We have an amazing film crew glossary. 

Beverly Boy covid safe crew

No surprises! They Kill a Budget.

Need to Hire a Kansas City Camera Crew? You/your clients don’t want to have mistakes happen during production, as this can impact the entire production project. Lastly, you want a project and budget without surprises.

It is key that everything from insurances to financials, cancellation policies, and all logistics are discussed in the beginning. In closing, you want a Kansas City camera crewing company to provide capable and confident HD camera crews for your specific video needs!

Get in touch today. We’d be happy to offer solutions for your Kansas City camera crew needs!

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