How much does a Scottsdale camera crew cost_

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How much does a Scottsdale camera crew cost?

When hiring a Scottsdale camera crew, it is important to have a clear brief of the project you want to produce. The details of the brief will determine if you will need one camera operator, or more camera operators filming footage for your business project. Scottsdale Camera crew pay rates vary based on the scope of your project. You also need to consider the video length, specialized services, location, equipment, and necessary angles, because these factors will affect the cost of hiring a camera crew. 

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When hiring a Scottsdale crew, it’s not just the cameraman who will be covered with the price you pay, but also the director of photography, and other technicians who have more than the necessary experience required in all video productions. Basically, Beverly Boy Productions will provide you with the resources you need to create the perfect production for your video project. If you operate in the neighboring cities such as Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler, and Glendale, feel free to ask us for a quote. 


How much does it cost to film in Scottsdale?

If you are wondering where to find the perfect answer to the question “How much does it cost to film in Scottsdale?”, just contact our local Scottsdale film office and receive all the help you need. We are ready to furnish you with all the details on Scottsdale Arizona filming permits, application fees and deadlines. If you also seek guidance on the best locations to film in Scottsdale, Team Beverly Boy is at your service. For more information on Scottsdale camera crew cost and all things Scottsdale filming, we are your one-stop-shop.


Scottsdale Camera Crew Rates

Different video projects attract different Scottsdale Camera department prices. For example, if you have an outdoor corporate event that requires you to take aerial shots using a drone, and a b-roll filmed with a high-definition Sony camera with top-notch lenses, you might end up using different crew members to take the different types of shots. The Scottsdale Camera Crew Rates will depend on the number of people who need to be involved in your video, and the amount of time the crew will take to complete the project. When it comes to the way the rates are charged, most Scottsdale Camera crews usually charge half-day and full-day rates. 


Video rates and pricing in Scottsdale

Generally, hiring an Arizona camera crew for an event that will cover just a few hours in the afternoon will cost more than half of their day rate. Since the crew have to compensate themselves for the lost opportunity for not scheduling for a second gig on that day, the cost will be higher. So, for any project you have in mind, it is always better to hire a crew for an entire day. This will ensure that you have a high-quality production because you will have plenty of time to plan how to film, make adjustments, and produce the best video for your business. To get customized video rates and pricing in Scottsdale, drop is a line. We also service business that operate in the neighboring counties such as Pima County, Pinal County, Gila County, and Yavapai County.  

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Scottsdale camera crew Prices

Scottsdale camera crew Prices are impacted by the type of equipment and camera gear required to cover the project. For you to end up with a quality video, you need to work with all the members of a camera crew. The director of photography (DP) is the one who manages the functions of all the departments. On the other hand, camera operators film using different types of cameras, digital image technicians or DIT ensure that the image quality on-set is of the highest standard, gaffers are responsible for lighting the set and all other electric tasks, grips make the set safe for filming (crane operation, dollies, etc.), and swings take on all tasks handed by the camera and lighting departments. You have to work with all the crew members if you want a seamless and effective production. As you draft the budget for your project, use the below averages of Scottsdale camera crew pricing, such as cameramen hire costs. These rates reflect labor only and not gear, for the most accurate estimate for your project contact us for a free estimate:

Scottsdale Production Crew Rates:

  • Director of Photography Day Rate: $1,050 to $2,550 
  • Gaffer/Key Grip Day Rate: $550 to $650
  • Swing Day Rate: $400 to $450
  • Sound Recordist Day Rate: $650-$1250
  • Grip/Electric Day Rate: $450 to $550
  • Camera Operator Day Rate: $300 to $550
  • Digital Image Technician Day Rate: $550 to $800 
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Hourly Rates for a Scottsdale Camera Crew

The common range of Hourly Rates for a Scottsdale Camera Crew varies between $25/hour and $300/hour. To ensure that your project is focused, you have to budget for all sorts of needs, from crew members, to equipment type, to additional technicians. The determining factor of either working with one cameraman or more than two cameramen will depend on the size of your project. Whatever your Scottsdale camera crew uses will be, the requirements of the project will dictate what is needed. One of the rough tasks is determining the number of people who need to be in camera crew. For you as a client, it can be an uphill task. But once we have a good understanding of your project, Beverly Boy/Team Beverly Boy/Beverly Boy Productions will assign the right crew to take on your project. 

Scottsdale camera crew services

For reliable Scottsdale camera crew services, talk to Team Beverly Boy today. You can count on our local camera crew to help with all your production needs. Even if you need help in choosing the right filming spots in Scottsdale, such as Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, or ideal filming venues in the larger South-central Arizona area, we are up for the task. To create the perfect video for your video project, it is always important to work with a professional video production crew. Whether you want to create an instructional course, or TV commercial, our HD camera crew will help you to prepare the budget, and identify the perfect spot to cover your project.