Find & Hire a Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock

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Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock

Need a Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock? If vendor diversity matters to your company, we can help you out. If you need a Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock to assist you with the end-to-end production of professional film and video content for any and all of your marketing & advertising needs, we have you covered.

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If hiring a culturally diverse video crew matters to your brand, Team Beverly Boy is available for your project. If you’re a minority-owned business, our organization specializes in expert video production and provides local live streaming in Lubbock, event filming, commercial production, testimonial & interview video creation, and a wide range of post-production editing services that will help you see your project through. We also service Slaton, Rotan, and Synder.

Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock

The choice to hire Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock may come as a direct desire to support small business enterprises that are minority owned or it could be something you’re looking for to improve the cultural diversity of your brand? Regardless of the feelings or beliefs you have when thinking of hiring culturally diverse video crew, there’s typically one expected outcome: you want a crew that takes your idea and creates a compelling video that speaks to your target audience and helps you create the conversions that are helpful for producing ROI for your brand.  


If you’re a business that supports supplier diversity and you’re looking for businesses that are owned by underrepresented or underserved communities, and you also want to create compelling video products, Team Beverly Boy has you covered. Reach out today to find out about the different minorities we actively hire that we hire on our team, including LGBTQ film crew, veteran camera crew, and female film crew members. We also provide services in Hale County, Terry County, and Lynn County.

So, how does supplier diversity impact your project? Do you know what a culturally diverse video crew can do for your company? The thing is that cultural diversity, inclusion, and acceptance in your supply chain, the projects you work on, and your business operations can all have positive effects on your brand including:

  • Achievement of a more diverse thought, experience, and underlying approach to filmmaking and to the delivery of your film project.
  • Flexibility is an innovation above and beyond what you might have experienced in the past.
  • The ability to look at and perceive challenges in an entirely new light as well as to implement new solutions.
  • Increased creativity & resilience which is essential to the outcome of your video project.

We’re not only talking about film crew diversity, but diversity in various types of business operations. However, as a black-owned, minority-inclusive film production company in Lubbockwith over 20 years doing what we do, we do understand the ins and outs of how diversity impacts filmmaking and video production. We also service 79406, 79408, and 79403.

Black Camera Crew in Lubbock

Hiring a black camera crew in Lubbock may be something that comes from a desire to share in  the efforts for racial equality and acceptance, or it could simply be the socially acceptable thing that is expected from your brand. Perhaps you haven’t really thought about supplier diversity and the choice to hire a Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock or how camera crew diversity could impact your audience, video project, and brand?


At Beverly Boy Productions, cultural diversity and the inclusivity of our crew members is important to us because we both care about a more equitable and socially acceptable business landscape and we also recognize how important it is to provide opportunities to members of the African American community and for other underrepresented communities and minorities.

As a small or large business owner, your choice to work with a black camera crew in Lubbockcould provide your brand with benefits that go beyond the expected ones of social responsibility and the traditional economic impacts. It could also look like increased diversity in your storytelling, better connections with customers, and superior innovation that helps you get noticed in the industry.

Our Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock includes but is not limited to:

  • Director of photography
  • cinematographer
  • camera person
  • grip
  • gaffer
  • sound operator
  • DIT
  • producer
  • Director
  • Production coordinator

Female Film Crew in Lubbock

Hiring a Female Film Crew in Lubbock can change the name of the game. Women in film have been quite underrepresented for a long time. A study called The Celluloid Ceiling Report, conducted as recently as 2022 by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, found that women made up less than 24% of average film roles including things like writers, producers, editors, and cinematographers.  At Team Beverly Boy you can request a female film crew for your project if supplier diversity matters to you and your project.

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Our female film crews in Lubbockcan help you get the kind of attentive service that you need for your project, which helps you create compelling video that helps you build great connections with consumers. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. Give Team Beverly Boy a call to hire a Diverse Camera Crew in Lubbock that is made up of women, veterans, LGBTQ film crew members or other minority groups that know where to find great spots in Lubbock such as the American Windmill Museum and Bentley Arrow.