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10 Reasons to Hire a Camera Crew in Des Moines, Iowa!

Des Moines is a town full of historical government buildings, Midwestern charm, typical American style food, and excellent bike paths. With its reasonably priced hotels, restaurants, and attractions, hiring a camera crew in Des Moines is a no brainer!  At Beverly Boy Productions, our customers come to us when they need a reliable production company in Des Moines.

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  1. Capitol Buildingcamera crew in des moines

The Iowa State Capitol Building is a wonderful place to visit to see firsthand the historical significance of Des Moines. Any Iowa-related, governmental, or historical documentary video production would not be complete without a trip to the State Capitol.  Set atop a hill, the Capitol offers a panoramic view of downtown Des Moines. Be sure to schedule a stop!


  1. Downtown Farmers Marketcamera crew in des moines

This huge farmers market supports hundreds of vendors from all across Iowa.  Here you can find such products as locally grown fruits and vegetables, Iowa-raised eggs, meats, cheeses, and much more.  The market is held on Saturdays in the spring, summer, and fall, and at the Winter Market in November and December.  It was even rated the #2 best Farmers’ Market in America!  This would be a great place to stop with a camera crew in Des Moines to shoot b-roll!


  1. Climatecamera crew in des moines

Des Moines is a very typical Midwestern city in terms of its climate.  Hot summers and cold winters can be expected, with the mild, rainy springs and autumns. If you are looking for optimal outdoor filming weather, September and early October are not as hot as the summers, but typically a bit warmer and drier than the spring.  We suggest coming prepared with rain-appropriate attire and extra jackets, just in case.


  1. Gray’s Lake Parkcamera crew in des moines

This pretty and serene 167-acre outdoor lake park is perfect for outdoor filming with a camera crew in Des Moines. There are many walking/biking trails, as well as fishing, sailing and canoeing, and swimming. Once a small pond on a personal plot of land, this now 100-acre lake continues to be a hotspot for exploring nature within a city.


  1. World Food Prize Hall of Laureatescamera crew in des moines

Yet another historic landmark in the city of Des Moines – the House of Laureates was an effort to preserve the Des Moines Public Library Building. It now serves as a museum, a Convocation center, an educational facility, and much more.  If you are looking to add some historical significance to a film project with a camera crew in Des Moines, or searching for a professional background for talking head shots, this building is a must!


  1. Des Moines Art Centercamera crew in des moines

This recognizable building would be a wonderfully modern addition to any video project you film in Des Moines with a camera crew.  There is much to do and see here, including gallery tours and, dialogues, studio programs, workshops, and more.  The Art Center truly allows you to capture how Des Moines’ past is colliding with the city’s future!


  1. Permitscamera crew in des moines

General permits are not required to film in Iowa, and location fees are low or nonexistent.  Please note that some public facilities, like city, state, and federal parks, may require authorization and proof of insurance.


  1. Foodcamera crew in des moines

Remember to stop in some of the local hotspots for dining when filming with a camera crew in Des Moines! The Midwestern city offers many different styles of food, many of which are very reasonably priced. Proof, a modern Mediterranean spot is casual by day and intimate by night.  Americana is a happy-hour deal, late-night comfort food sort of joint, featuring all-you-can-eat specials and reasonable pricing. Be sure to stop in some of the city’s local favorites while in Des Moines!


  1. John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Parkcamera crew in des moines

This outdoor art exhibit is a 4.4-acre urban park that features sculptures by 22 different artists.  Guided tours are available, but it is also a wonderful place to simply walk through and enjoy the art.  For this reason, this spacious outdoor gem would be a perfect place to film a beautiful commercial with a camera crew in Des Moines during the spring, summer, or fall.


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  1. Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardencamera crew in des moines

This garden in the heart of Des Moines features tropical and temperate gardens, and is a must-see when filming in the city.  Here can be found one of the very rare Titan Arum plants, or a Corpse Flower.  For filming exterior shots, there is no spot in Des Moines better or more beautiful than the Botanical Garden!


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