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5 Helpful Ways to Market Your Telehealth Services Business

The distribution of healthcare practices and telehealth services as an alternative to traditional visits to the doctor represents a major share of the more than $50 billion telehealth services market that is expected to reach $266.8 billion by 2026. Information and communication technology is making affordable healthcare services accessible for people all over the world. But, despite the growing nature of this industry, competition is steep and generating telehealth services leads can be tough.

These 5 innovative ways to market your telehealth services business mix various telehealth marketing strategies as well as the use of telemedicine video clips to produce qualified leads for your brand.

#1 Don’t Underestimate Social Media

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The telehealth services industry, being relatively new, is highly targeted to Millennials and Generation Z. The best place to reach this market is via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Use social media to get your telehealth services business recognized and appreciated online.

#2 Live Stream Telemedicine Services

Live streaming telehealth services such as online consultations and e-visits represents one of many opportunities for the telemedicine industry to capitalize on the technology that comes from live video feeds.

Telemedicine marketing live stream may include:

  • Patient diagnosis via live feed between patient and doctor.
  • Care coordination via clinicians and patients or patient representatives.
  • Remote monitoring to ensure patient safety and health, especially for post-surgical patients.
  • Occupational health monitoring including triage and workplace injury care via video feed.

#3 Take Advantage of Networking & Trade Associations

Local business networking opportunities exist to help those in the telehealth or telemedicine industry to build a reputation for their brand and meet others that share similar interests. Building relationships with non-competing telemedicine professionals represents an excellent opportunity for you to increase trust and exposure for your telehealth brand.

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for details on membership and various local networking events that may be of benefit for your brand.

Additional networking opportunities exist with the following organizations and groups:

#4 Produce Animated Explainer Videos to Simplify Complex Solutions

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Animated explainer videos can help you simplify complex solutions offered by your telehealth services business and close more deals. Much like medical business promotions, telemedicine can be difficult to fully explain to the end client.

Animated explainer videos allow you to simply complex services and technologies that your audience may have interest in. Use animations on your website, social media pages, landing pages and in promotional emails to help consumers understand the solutions that your telemedicine business provides.

#5 Compete with Other Telehealth Providers with Corporate Video

Corporate video production for telehealth providers should be a major element of any telehealth marketing plan. Including telehealth videos that represent your services, solutions, and stories that your customers can relate to will give you a competitive advantage over other telehealth services providers in the area.

Consider the following types of corporate video for your telehealth business:

  • Corporate profile videos that introduce the key players in your telemedicine services business such as the CEO.
  • Client testimonial videos that represent past satisfaction with clients.
  • Corporate social responsibility videos that show your involvement and dedication to helping the community.
  • Tutorials that showcase how to use your telemedicine services.
  • How-to videos that help clients learn how to get the most out of the services you provide.

These 5 innovative ways to market your telemedicine business are really just the beginning of any telemedicine marketing plan. When you’re ready to get started with telehealth videos for your campaigns, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!