How to Produce an Ask the Manager Video Interview

As a store manager or the manager of a business, there are questions that your audience almost certainly wishes they could ask you. Producing an ask the manager video interview that shares insight into some of the most commonly asked questions that your audience might have is a great way to build up the relationship between your prospects and your brand without interrupting your management duties. Learning how to produce an ask the manager video interview that can be used on your website homepage or “About Us” page as well as on your social media platforms and in email outreach to draw the interest of your target audience is an important task.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we’re here to help you get the most out of your ideas and to produce video content that will maximize your brand’s reputation and image online and off. To learn more about working with us to produce an ask the manager video interview, give our team a call. Below, we’ll explain what you can do to produce a video interview that highlights the expertise of your manager and represents unique insights that might be important to the audience that is interested in learning more about your brand.

Preparing for the Interview

The first step in learning how to produce an ask the manager video interview is to prepare. Preparing yourself, the manager, for the interview is essential. You’ll want to take some time to write down any questions that your audience might want you to answer, or you could even go ahead and ask your audience to send in questions that you will answer in the video.

By planning the questions in advance, and taking some time to formulate your answers ahead of the interview you’ll be more comfortable when the camera is rolling. When you think about the answers that you will provide in the interview, make sure that you’re considering how to elaborate on what you say. Instead of answering a question with a vague one word or even one sentence answer, consider a more detailed approach that is going to give your audience key insights into the business, your management style, the brand or otherwise.

Find the Right Shooting Location

Knowing how to produce an ask the manager video interview is partly focused on knowing how to tailor your questions and answers, and partly how to film. Knowing where to film is essential. You’ll need a backdrop that represents your brand without being overly flashy, busy, or otherwise distracting to your audience. A busy office might seem like a good idea, but the distractions of people working in the background and the noise while filming will make this a “no go.”

Instead, consider a location such as a quiet office or somewhere outside where there are no moving vehicles or people walking by. Make sure that the background is attractive, but don’t over clutter it. A bookshelf with too much stuff is far more distracting than a blank wall or even a wall that has had a sheet hung for a makeshift background.

Consider Enhancing the Shoot with Lighting

The most professional video interviews are those that connect emotionally with the audience. When filming your ask the manager video interview, be sure to consider the use of lighting to enhance the emotional value of the shoot. Great lighting can make a world of difference in an otherwise modest shot. Use the lighting to build a sense of drama between your audience and your manager. Make sure that the manager’s face is well lit and that there are no weird shadows exposed.

Use a Two Camera Setup

A two camera video setup for the ask the manager video interview is essential. This way you can have one camera that is set on a tripod at eye-level with your interview subject, the manager, and then you can have your other camera being dynamically operated so that it captures varied shots. This kind of camera setup for an interview video allows the post-production editing significantly more footage to work with and will result in a video interview that’s more engaging for the audience.

Using a variety of shots, especially when changing from one question to the next, is a great way to add in some transition. It will also make it easier to edit from one segment to the next later on. By thinking carefully about the transitions while filming, you can avoid the ugly jump cut later on.

Incorporate Graphics & Music in Post-Production


Once you have learned how to produce an ask the manager video interview, you’ll find that you’ve still got plenty of work cut out for you in post-production. During post, the raw footage will come together and you’ll incorporate graphics, animated features, and music or other assets to bring the entire interview together. Don’t be afraid to use some special effects, text overlays, and similar techniques to make the interview fun to watch and engaging for your audience.

These are just the basics, for professional production of an ask the manager video interview, give Beverly Boy Productions a call.

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