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Hire an Explainer Video Company in Boston to Improve Your Customer Experience

Client satisfaction is a leading factor in repeat business as well as in customer referrals and positive reviews. Because client satisfaction is so incredibly important to the business’s bottom line, many business owners find themselves constantly seeking new ways to improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction for their brand. One way that you can improve customer satisfaction among your audience is to hire an explainer video company in Boston to produce content for your business. 

Boston Massachusetts video production

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Hiring an explainer video production company to help you produce instructional content for your Boston-based business is a highly effective way of improving the customer experience for individuals that interact with your brand.

Not sure how to incorporate explainer videos into your existing campaigns and customer onboarding processes? We’ve got some tips!

5 Uses for Instructional Videos

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Explainer videos provide a rich, engaging user-experience that can aid in the delivery of powerful content that your audience will appreciate as much as they enjoy. These videos have many uses, depending largely on what you wish to achieve with your audience.

For example, if you’re creating instructional videos for your newly acquired customers, you might have an instructional video series that assists with the onboarding process and provides product training and support.

Anything can be done, really – but as a full-service explainer video company in Boston, at Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in producing the following types of explainer videos:

  1. New Customer Onboarding Videos

  2. New Product Training Videos

  3. New Employee Onboarding Videos

  4. Client Instructional Videos for Common Questions

  5. FAQ Videos

There are a variety of different ways that you can use videos to help your customers gain more from your products or services and feel connected and satisfied from your brand.

Everything from animated video training to real life demonstrations and how-to series’ can be used to prominently improve satisfaction among your audience. 

Tips for Hiring an Explainer Video Company in Boston

Team Beverly Boy

Ready to hire an explainer video company in Boston to help you improve client satisfaction for your business?  Whether you’ve never created a video before, or video production is something that you’ve got moderate experience in, doesn’t matter to Beverly Boy Productions.

We work hard to assist you in fully understanding the benefits of video production for your business as well as in finding the right production crew for the video projects you wish to produce.

We recognize that we may not always be the best choice for professional film production for every Boston business we connect with, and that’s okay! 

To help you find a production crew that’s right for you (whether it’s us, or someone else) follow these tips:

  • Be open about your project needs & your budget.
  • Review past production work, and look for projects that are similar in scope to what you want.
  • Check local resources and references, then call and talk with past clients.
  • Choose a local company that takes pride in their work and in yours.
  • Don’t be afraid to shop around!
  • Don’t choose based solely on price! Budget is important, but it should not be the only consideration.

Hiring an explainer video company in Boston to improve your customer experience is a big decision that you should carefully and honestly prepare for in advance of the actual event.

For more information on instructional videos produced by Beverly Boy Productions, give us a call at 617-314-9267!