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9 Benefits of Using the Austin Film Commission as a Top Resource

Film commissions throughout the country assist those in the entertainment industry with the logistics and various support needs associated with producing entertainment products such as film, television, movies, and commercials. For filmmakers that come to Texas, the Austin Film Commission provides a wide range of benefits including professional crew connections and networking, location support, and permitting assistance.

Video Production Jobs in Austin

These are just a few of the benefits that filmmakers in Austin can experience when working closely with the Austin Film Commission.

1. Professional Crew Networking

Networking opportunities within the Austin Film Commission offer professional crew support.

Whether you’re coming into the city for a large production that you’re going to need several crew members and support staff to assist with or you’re planning a single-day shoot and you just need AC for the day, the film commission can connect you with local contractors that are ready to work.

2. Permitting Support

Filmmaking in Austin typically requires a permit that has been authorized by the city board. For details on obtaining a permit for street or sidewalk closures, filming in parks and along public waterways, or various other forms of film permitting, contact the film office directly. 

3. Local Community Liaison

Acting as a liaison between the Austin PD, Fire Safety and various other community support providers, the Austin Film Commission can assist with the process of ensuring the safe and secure continuation of your filmmaking throughout the city. 

4. Locations Hub Gallery

For information on the many different locations available for filmmaking throughout Austin, the Locations Hub Gallery features a digital representation of hundreds of Austin destinations that are accessible for filmmakers.

Use the digital location hub to gather information about the rates, availability and individual regulations or rules regarding the local area.

5. Visitors Guides

In addition to the filmmaking information that the Austin Film Commission can provide, entertainment professionals and filmmakers will also find a wealth of resources about the local area for visitors.

Austin visitors guides and help in navigating the city is important to ensuring comfort, safety and efficiency for Austin visitors.

6. Film Incentives & Tax Breaks

Several competitive incentive programs exist in the State of Texas and the City of Austin as a means of driving the local filmmaking economy and to bring entertainment professionals to the city.

The Austin Film Commission can assist filmmakers in understanding the various tax incentives and grants that are available to them as well as the steps to getting involved with or to applying for each.

7. Rental Property Search

Whether you’re spending just a few days or several months in Austin while producing a film, there’s frequently the need for filmmakers to entail area properties in order to work and temporarily reside within the city.

The Austin Film Commission will assist you with finding and securing an office, space for your equipment or crew needs, or the appropriate living quarters for you, your crew, or others on your team.

8. Access to Production Data

Visit the Austin Film Commission website for information on the various films and past projects that were produced in the city.

The Directory includes access to all the different films and movies that have taken place in the city and might help you to find valuable shoot locations or spur your imagination on what could work for your own film.

9. Studio Access

Need a studio to film in while you’re in Austin? The Austin Film Commission represents several large, small and in-between size studios that are available close to downtown or outside city limits for the use of those who come into the city for various production projects.

Consult with the Austin Film Commission for access to a wide range o studios, and various other benefits that come from a partnership between yourself and the local film commission!