Top 4 Manila film schools for upcoming filmmakers to consider

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Top 4 Manila film schools for upcoming filmmakers to consider

Manila, Philippines has a happening film industry with many aspiring filmmakers waiting to get going in the field of film. If you’re in the market for large or small Manila film schools, we’ve put together some options for you. The schools below are top communities where aspiring  Manila filmmakers receive hands on training for your career in the Manila industry. There are various options, from a larger university offering a traditional program to the smaller college with a hands-on, stellar film program.

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As participants in the Manila video production community, we know the challenges that can come up. These schools are a great option for any student who wants to be prepared in Manila film production, visual arts, and photography. As you learn all about the main principles of filming, editing and production can help students get the working knowledge they need to get them ready for their future careers with major film companies, news studios, and advertising agencies or as they go after self-employment.

1 University of Philippines Film Institute

For those who want to go after a MA in Media Studies at an internationally accredited school, this one’s for you. With programs centered around more than just the technical aspect of film but also the social, cultural, and economic aspects as well, students receive an immersive learning experience at the UPFI. The school offers a variety of programs, from BAs to MAs, and as a top Manila film school, students who study here are uniquely positioned to find a job post-graduating.  

Phone: +63 (2) 9206863


UPFI Media Center Bldg. Ylanan Ave.,
UP Diliman, Quezon City

A modern approach to film education, students who attend Benilde get an opportunity to get hands-on experience. Offering a Bachelor of Arts in Film, you will learn all the basics to a successful career, from screenwriting to sound mixing and more. The instructors at this college have had real-world experience that they can share with you, so when it comes time to graduate, you’re well prepared. 

Phone: (+63) 8230-5100


2544 Taft Avenue, Malate,
Manila, Philippines 1004

Offering a classic yet modern mix of traditional and non-traditional instruction, Asia Pacific Film Institute offers the most unique programs in the area. With a focus on meeting an international criteria for film yet with a cultural and local emphasis, APFI offers a unique learning environment that many hopeful filmmakers are drawn to. As one of the best Manila film schools, many of its alumni go on to achieve successful careers in the local film scene. 

Phone: +63 2 722 7801


Unit 4 4th Floor, Corporate House Building, 239 Col. Bonny Serrano Ave.,
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

A smaller option but one that can aptly prepare you for your future in the industry, Mapua offers a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film. With a program designed around providing knowledge around the basic principles of history and theory as well educating students in the techniques and practices of production design, screenwriting, cinematography, and more, students graduate ready to take on a job in the real world. As one of the top Manila film schools, instructors offer reliable instruction, based on real-life experience. 

Phone: +63 (2) 8247-5000


658 Muralla St., Intramuros,
Manila 1002, Philippines