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How to Book the Right Hong Kong Event Videographer 

Finding the right Hong Kong Event Videographer is important for your project. Event Videos are a great way to engage with your customers. You can do everything from sharing new product information to conveying industry knowledge. It may seem minor but finding the right Event Videography Company in China can be a very important decision in the grand scheme of your project. How does one look for the best Event Videographer for your Hong Kong project? We’ll tell you how.

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The type of Event Videographer you hire will depend on the kind of event you want to film and the gear used for it. Seminars and conferences are a highly requested type of event we record, but incentive programs, trade shows, appreciation events, company milestones, and board meetings also utilize photography and videography.

Hong Kong Event Videographer

Professional Hong Kong Videographer   

From a Professional Hong Kong Videographer viewpoint, the kind of video you produce will depend on your goals. A video highlight reel is a video that can portray the venue, speakers, and sponsor shout-outs in a quick clip. But you may want to capture more, such as the responses of event attendees or ideas from the keynote speakers, and this could be when customer testimonials are the best video to create. Capturing in-depth footage of the event and venue, as well as atmosphere can make your video a captivating one.

Do you know which kind of event you want to film or the options available to you? Would you like to record keynote and breakout sessions at your local seminar? Do you plan to display the interpersonal relationships at your firm? Are you looking to advertise new products or simply share updates of older versions?

 Cinematic Hong Kong Videographers

Cinematic Hong Kong Videographers have the talent needed for your project to be a success. We know that this style of cinematography can be beneficial for numerous reasons. From shedding light on your brand to sharing important functions of your product, there is no limit to how you can use it. Corporate Event Videography is a growing trend and when you produce top-quality video, you can be sure that you’ll be using the best marketing tool to reach your business objectives!

When you’re preparing to capture your upcoming event, it’s so important that you take time researching Event Videographers. At Beverly Boy, we offer the best freelance videographers in town. We know how important event videos are in achieving your goals, whether you want to reach them now or in months to come. We would be happy to put our 15+ years of experience and our top-notch Videography Equipment to good use for your project. Don’t hesitate to call us today. We’d love to produce with you.

Hong Kong Event Videography Costs 

Hong Kong Event Videography costs are most likely going to depend on things like length, complexity, and necessary gear. Below, we’ve compiled a videography pricing list showing some aspects of the video-making process you’ll be paying for. We think it’s a good list to refer to when shopping around.

Event Videography Rates:

  • Video Director:$22/hour to $252/hour 
  • Script Writer/Marketer:$62/hour to $152/hour
  • Video Editor:$62/hour to $172/hour
  • Cameramen:$102/hour to $402/hour
  • Equipment:$22/hour to $102’s/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers:$102 to $402
  • Audio Files:$32 to $1,002
  • Video Rendering:$32/hour to $72/hour
  • B-Roll:12% to 52% addition to shooting costs
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees‘:$102 to $1002’s

This pricing list displays industry averages because each project will be different. If you would like to know about our specific Event Videography rates, please get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you.

Hong Kong Event Video Services 

For professional Hong Kong Event Video Services, you’ll need to find the best venue in the city or the southern coast of China. Fortunately, the are is full of ideal venues for corporate videography. Producing a professional video can go far in helping your company reach a lot of people. You can share an instructional course, or business seminar, and proper videography will make it possible to share it with people from all over. You can do an event at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre while people also view the content online. You could also film your Hong Kong Event Video Services at the Paragon Culture and Conference Center as well. For corporate or business meetings take advantage of a location like the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.  

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