The Do's and Don'ts of Birmingham Remote Webcasting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Birmingham Remote Webcasting

A popular method of connecting in real-time with remote audiences, webcasting is commonly used among Birmingham businesses. The technology gained popularity following COVID-19 spread in 2020 which resulted in many Birmingham businesses being closed for an extended period of time. As organizations looked for ways to deliver corporate communication between employees, vendors, stakeholders and customers, Birmingham remote webcasting became extremely popular. 

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While this growing trend continues to be used by organizations to deliver video feeds to remote audiences throughout the country and worldwide, many businesses that are just considering Birmingham remote webcasting solutions wonder what they should or shouldn’t be doing with the technology.

These tips will help:

Birmingham Remote Webcasting Do’s

The use of a webcast to deliver organizational messages to remote audiences is something that many brands hadn’t considered prior to COVID-19 closures in 2020.

On the other hand, lockdowns would quickly change the way brands, business owners, and organizations thought about connecting with their audiences. 

Birmingham remote webcasting allows remote connections with some simple technology that most businesses already have access to.

However, there’s more to it than a webcam and a Wi-Fi connection! Broadband speeds, uptime, CDNs and the webcast host all play a key role in the professional production of a webcast. 

A professional Birmingham remote webcasting team like Beverly Boy Productions can help you with your webcast technology to ensure a professionally delivered stream that reaches your intended audience.


They’ll make sure that you:

  • Carefully test out your technology before the webcast. 
  • Prepare for any increases in broadband connection required for the webcast.
  • Answer audience questions and allow for comments.
  • Collect webcast surveys and audience data.
  • Test the streaming before going live.
  • Rehearse the webcast to ensure a professional presentation.

Birmingham Remote Webcasting Don’ts

Businesses frequently struggle to achieve a professional webcasting experience if they don’t hire professional support.

A professional Birmingham remote webcasting company like Beverly Boy Productions can help you with your webcasting needs.

They will make sure that you:

  • DO NOT forget to collect user data.
  • DO NOT forget to incorporate your branding.
  • DO NOT have technology failures that result in a failed webcast.
  • DO NOT cause a slowed corporate intranet connection as a result of your webcast.
  • DO NOT deliver an unprofessional webcast experience.

Your decision to host a webcast for a remote audience is certainly a big deal. Call Beverly Boy Productions at 888-462-7808 to learn more about our Birmingham remote webcasting solutions or for more information about the process. 

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