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9 Benefits of Using the Birmingham Film Commission as a Top Resource

The Birmingham Film Commission is a leading resource for filmmakers that come to the city to produce a variety of film styles and types while they’re there. In fact, there are several benefits to utilizing the Birmingham Film Commission as a top resource while filming in the city.

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We’ve listed the top 9 reasons to use the Birmingham Film Commission here:

1. Location Scouting

Need help finding locations in Birmingham that are available for all of your filmmaking needs? The Birmingham Film Commission is a great resource to consult with. They’ve got access to the many Alabama locations that are available for film shoots.

2. Film Permitting

Need a film permit in a flash? The Birmingham Film Commission is your top resource for filmmaking permits and for information on local permitting requirements. Whether you need a permit or information on a permit, this is your source.

3. Union Connections

For information on the various Alabama unions and guilds, the local area film commission has important data and up to the minute details.

Connect with the Birmingham Film Commission for information on the unions and guilds that are found in the city and throughout the country.

4. Talent Acquisition

Need talent for a film shoot? The Film Commission will help you connect with local area talent. Whether you need a team of talent or you’re just looking for a single individual that’s just right for your shoot, you’ll find it all here.

5. Digital Location Directory

The Birmingham Film Commission features a digital location directory that includes information, images, and access to data pertaining to all of the film locations in Alabama.

Whether you’re looking for an architectural view, a scenic delight, or any of the other options available throughout the city, you’ll find it in the directory.

6. Production Equipment

Need filmmaking equipment while you’re filming in the city? The Birmingham Film Commission is your local resource for production equipment and filming needs. They can connect you to local equipment rental and sales providers for a variety of gear.

7. Incentives & Tax Breaks

Want to know about the various tax incentives and generous breaks that are provided to filmmakers that choose Alabama for their productions?

The commission outlines important information on the expenditures and requirements for local tax breaks and incentives related to filmmaking.

8. Crew Support

Need to hire a film crew? Need a couple of grips? Need a few camera operators?

Whatever you need, the crew support that comes from working in conjunction with the Birmingham Film Commission is phenomenal. You’ll find everyone you need for your crew with a quick search.

9. Community Liaison

Need a road closure or city crowd control while you’re in Birmingham? The Birmingham Film Commission represents the acting liaison between you (the filmmaker) and the area support staff including the local police department or fire chief.

They’ll communicate your needs to the appropriate officials and help you establish a safe, and secure production shoot in Birmingham.