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3 Popular Videos to Create with a Birmingham Interview Video Production Company

Are you looking to create videos with a Birmingham Interview Video Production Company? Branded interview videos are being used across marketing channels online and offline to help businesses grow their audience and generate trust in their brands.

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A reflection of a brand’s commitment and value, is a highlight of the success that a brand can provide for its customers, and a declaration of authority in the industry or niche are just a few of the ways that interview videos can drive business growth. Especially these 3 popular videos that a Birmingham Interview Video Production Company can help you to produce for your brand.

Employee Interview Videos


Your employees have the power to help you prove your business is backed by the strong morals and values that your audience expects from your brand. Interviewing employees on camera can have a positive reflection on your target audience and may help your business give customers an outlook on the brand that simply cannot be overlooked.

Certainly, there are many different ways to incorporate employee interview videos into your marketing and advertising campaigns. Big brands find that including employee interviews on the website can encourage job seekers to apply for a position while incorporating employee testimonials into product discovery campaigns can help to boost audience decision making for those who are culture-conscious or particularly proactive about the brands that they work most with.

If your business has a target audience of millennials, or anyone that is conscientious about the way a brand treats its employees, sharing employee interview videos on your website, social media pages, or email campaigns can boost consumer trust in the business and drive targeted connections for the brand.

Founder Interview Videos


What’s the story behind your business? If your audience doesn’t know the story behind your brand, producing a founder interview video could be the difference between an audience that trusts in the story that the business shares and one that doesn’t really feel very connected at all.

A Birmingham Interview Video Production Company will walk you through the steps of choosing the most suitable founding partners to interview for your business, the interview process, and the next steps to turning your brand’s founding story into a marketing narrative that your audience cannot help but to feel emotionally connected to. It all starts with sharing a great story about your brand and the way that it came together.

Of course, founder interviews don’t have to focus solely on the brand’s founding story. You can interview your founders on a variety of subjects including niche specific topics that prove the authority of your business in the industry. These kinds of interview videos not only create a level of human connection for your business, but they also help your audience to find your brand more relatable, too.

Customer Interview Videos 


The customer interview is one of the most popular types of interview videos to produce for a business and it’s one of the most valuable. These videos show off the interest of customers and their satisfaction with your business or brand, but they don’t stop there. Customer interview videos are ideal for use in case studies, as testimonials, and for a variety of other uses including product demonstrations.

A professionally produced customer interview video, that is created by a Birmingham Interview Video Production Company, can be powerfully compelling and effective in terms of driving audience awareness, boosting audience interest, and encouraging consumer trust in your brand. When prospective customers see a customer that they can relate to speaking on camera about your business, they are compelled to listen and to follow in that customer’s footsteps in purchasing from your business.

Your past customers are best poised to provide insight and helpful support for your prospective customers which is one of the things that makes customer interview videos so powerful. Like other forms of interview videos produced by a Birmingham Interview Video Production Company, the customer interview has the potential to drive revenue for your business without a huge investment required to get started.

At Beverly Boy Productions, producing interview videos that are branded and expert crafted for the success of your business is not only something we specialize in, it’s something we are passionate about. To hire our Birmingham Interview Video Production Company for your business, give us a call today!

With more than two decades of experience, we look forward to the opportunity to share the details and the people behind or in support of your brand. Through various expert crafted interview videos, building your brand becomes more than just a thought – it’s an effective tool that you’ll quickly find is as effective as it is exciting.